July 9, 2014

Andrew and Shawn’s Saratoga Backyard Wedding Photos | Saratoga Photographer

Saratoga Backyard Wedding Photos
Andy and Shawn got married in Shawn’s Mom and Dad’s backyard.

At the end of June I got to photograph a very special backyard wedding in Saratoga.  What made this wedding very special to me was that I have known the bride for a very long time.  The bride, Shawn, was my kids’ favorite babysitter when they were small–in addition to being one of my photography assistants.  Shawn has the soul of an artist and is also wicked funny.  I knew that her wedding would be fun, unique, and detail oriented.  And she did not let me down.  And although I was very surprised that she chose a traditional Oleg Cassini bridal gown, in true Shawn fashion she made it her own by wearing it with a navy blue tuxedo jacket.  Below is Shawn and Andrew’s story:

Wedding Photos Saratoga028

Wedding Photos Saratoga
I liked how the color of the ink on the invitation was the same color as Raggedy Ann’s hair.
Wedding Photos Saratoga
Shawn’s dress was unexpectedly traditional.

1.  How did you first meet?  Who, what, where, when and why.  Give us the dirty details.

We met online when we were teenagers! I stumbled upon his blog and found it interesting, so I emailed him a few questions. He responded very kindly, and we ended up staying in touch for the next decade plus. He lived in West Virginia and I was in New York. When I was 18 I went on a road trip with my then-boyfriend and Andrew was nice enough to let us crash on his futon, but teenage me had no idea that we’d end up married ten years later.

2.  How did you feel as you were getting dressed on your wedding day?

Shawn: Stressed! The thing about having a wedding at your [parents’] house is that there’s no escape from the madness. I just wanted it to get going so I could get married and eat fried chicken.

Andrew: That’s when I really felt like the wedding was happening. It made the whole thing seem real.

Wedding Photos Saratoga070

Wedding Photos Saratoga073
The pageant wave?

Wedding Photos Saratoga

Wedding Photos Saratoga001

Wedding Photos Saratoga

3.  When did you know he/she was the one?  Was there something he/she did or said, etc.?

Hard to pin down the specific moment. After visiting him in 2011 I think it was clear to me that I had to move to Kentucky (from New York) in order to be with Andrew. It was such a hectic time that I didn’t really think twice about whether or not he was “the one.” I’ve lived here for two years now and never regretted a moment.

Wedding Photos Saratoga

Wedding Photos Saratoga
The backyard was really wonderful for pictures.
Wedding Photos Saratoga
Shawn’s brother and one of his friends provided the music for the ceremony
Wedding Photos Saratoga
Shawn was radiant on her wedding day.
Wedding Photos Saratoga
Andrew’s Mom was very happy and proud.

Saratoga Vintage Chic Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos Saratoga
The newlyweds had an (almost) private moment after the ceremony.

4.  Tell us about the proposal–did you know it was coming?  How long was it in the planning?  How did you feel?  Nervous, excited, etc.?

We had talked about it, and I remember trying so hard not to get my hopes up as my 27th birthday approached. I was super anxious about it, so the night before my birthday I asked if I could have my present early with the hope of putting an end to my suffering. He said “after this episode of Parks & Rec,” which was cruel, but it was a good episode. Then he brought out his laptop which had a little animation he had programmed as part of his proposal. I cried a LOT.

Saratoga June Wedding Photo
I think this might be one of my favorite photos from the day.
Saratoga Vintage Wedding 01
Or maybe this one.

Wedding Photos Saratoga5.  Tell us one thing you love most about the other person.

Shawn: Andrew is nice to me every single day. There’s no exception to that. He’s always so happy to see me, even if I’m just walking by him as I go from one room to another in our house.

Andrew: I love the way Shawn makes me laugh. When we laugh together, it really feels like we’re both halves of the same whole.

Wedding Photos Saratoga057
The backyard was really beautiful with the lanterns at dusk.

 Wedding Photos Saratoga054

Wedding Photos Saratoga053
Hattie’s makes the best chicken in Saratoga. Hands down.
saratoga Rustic Vintage Wedding Photos 2
The vintage china was unique and eco-friendly.

Wedding Photos Saratoga030

Wedding Photos Saratoga

6.  How did you choose your venue?  What was your vision for your Wedding Day?  What did you do to personalize your event?  Do you have any favorite wedding trends that you incorporated?

I always wanted to have my wedding at my parents’ house. They had mentioned wanting to sell it and move, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to convince them it wasn’t the right time. Now that it’s over I need a new strategy.

My mom and I (mostly my mom) did a lot of collecting of vintage china and tablecloths for the wedding so that it wouldn’t look like we’d just rented a bunch of stuff. Since it was an outdoor wedding I wanted to decorate everything in a way that really showed off my parents’ garden. We also spread out quilts on the front lawn for the cocktail hour and it was so nice to see people making themselves comfortable on them after the ceremony. Also, my mom made our cake! If it’s not obvious, none of this would have been possible without her.

 Wedding Photos Saratoga048

Wedding Photos Saratoga
MInt juleps were the signature cocktail at the wedding.
Wedding Photos Saratoga014
Shawn rocking the tuxedo jacket over her dress. The car was the car that Shawn rode to high school in every day.
Wedding Photos Saratoga078
Shawn’s Mom was instrumental in making the day a success.

7.  What did you think/feel the first time you saw each other on the Wedding Day?

Shawn: Is this really happening? His suit looks so nice! My nose is running.

Andrew: It felt like the beginning of the rest of our lives together.

Wedding Photos Saratoga085

Wedding Photos Saratoga086Wedding Photos Saratoga089

8.  What is your favorite memory of that day?

Seeing all of our friends and family members from so many parts of the country (and parts of our lives) in the same place.

 Wedding Photos Saratoga094

Wedding Photos Saratoga092

9.  What is one thing you wish you had known about planning a wedding before you began?  Is there anything you would have done differently?

I would have eloped! The results of the planning were better than I could have ever imagined, but there’s nothing in the world that could make me want to go through that again, especially from 800 miles away.

Wedding Photos Saratoga061
Vinyl records–cool!


Wedding Photos Saratoga062
Andrew is an accomplished musician.

Wedding Photos Saratoga

Wedding Photos Saratoga095 Wedding Photos Saratoga096

10.  What is next for you as a couple?

We’d like to buy a house, but in the meantime we’re really enjoying just relaxing and not having such a big event looming over our heads.

 Wedding Photos Saratoga015

Vendor List:

 Saratoga Wedding Photographer | Susan Blackburn, Blackburn Portrait Design

Florist | Lindsey Fell

Ceremony Location | The O’Donnell home, Saratoga Springs, NY

Reception Location | Same as ceremony

Wedding Planner | Ourselves!

Dress Designer | Oleg Cassini

Caterer:  Hattie’s Chicken Shack

Desserts:  Mama Mia’s and The Bread Basket

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