January 9, 2015

You Know You Want To | Why You Should Do Pregnancy Photos

Why You Should Do Pregnancy Photos

Saratoga Pregnancy Photos
A round pregnant belly is beautiful.

Sometimes people ask me why I feel it is important for women to have pregnancy photos created.  Pregnancy photos are truly special to me for several reasons.  When I was pregnant with my three kids, there really was not anywhere I could have had them done–it just was not an option.  And it kind of makes me sad.  I have always been drawn to art with pregnant women as the subject.  It has been used as inspiration by artists for centuries.  So here are three reasons why I think women should have maternity portraits made:

Saratoga Photographer
Pregnant women are beautiful.

1.  I believe pregnancy is beautiful and is hands down THE most amazing thing your body is capable of doing.  Growing a baby is beautiful.  Being pregnant is feminine and empowering.  You are both creating and sustaining life.  Yes, we all have those “fat” days, those days when we feel insecure about our constantly changing shape.  It seems like your center of gravity changes every half hour.  At the end, even your nose and fingers are pregnant.  But it really is beautiful.

Saratoga Pregnancy Photos
This image feels dreamy to me–which is how a lot of pregnant women feel at this time in their lives.

2.  Photographs help trigger memories and emotions very clearly and vividly.

Albany Pregnancy Photos
When you are pregnant, you feel very connected to your baby.

3.  Once it is over–it is over.  I will admit that at the end of each of my pregnancies, those babies started to feel like The Thing Within.  They were constantly moving in ways that made me want to scream sometimes–most notably when they were dancing on my bladder or sciatic nerve.  I could not sleep more than two hours at a time.  But once I had delivered them, I really did miss having them inside my body.

Professional Pregnancy Photos Saratoga
I love the expression on Amber’s face in this photo.

4.  I think it is important to preserve some type of visual legacy for your kids–and your grandkids.  I think they deserve to see how happy you were to be having them.

NY Pregnancy Photos

I hope this explains why I feel that pregnancy photos are so important.  It is a very special but fleeting time in a woman’s life, so we should really celebrate it more.

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