February 4, 2015

Must You? Four Must Have Types of Wedding Photos

Must Have Types of Wedding Photos

A while back, I wrote a post called Five Things Absolutely I Hate, which was basically what I think Wedding Photographs should NOT be about. Today, I would like to focus on (no pun intended) what I think Wedding Photography should be about and the must have types of wedding photos I try to create at all the weddings I photograph. There is a plethora of lists floating around on all the Wedding Blogs detailing shots your Wedding Photographer “should” capture. While I think detail shots like the groom’s boutonniere or the bride’s shoes are great, and a list of formal posed shots can be helpful, I think Wedding Photos can and should be much more meaningful. I feel like the most important part of my job is to make sure people remember the emotions they were feeling on their wedding day. So here are my top four types of images that I think are important on a wedding day.

Queensbury Hotel Ballroom Wedding
Andy Pratt provided the gorgeous violet uplighting in the newly renovated Queensbury Hotel Ballroom.

1. Romantic Anticipation: I think there is a moment right before a kiss that is more exciting in a photograph (and in real life) than the actual kiss because of the tension and anticipation. Nine times out of ten, couples choose this type of image for their wedding together:)

Must Have Wedding Photos
I also really like that this is a silhouette. Silhouettes can really lend drama to an image.
Farmstead Wedding Photographs Saratoga
I like that he is slightly laughing in this picture. It is so cute.

2. Real Family Connections: While posed Family Portraits can be an important part of the day, I believe that real, unscripted moments are what it is all about. Sometimes people have a hard time speaking about their emotions, but a hug or a gesture caught by the camera can convey the depth of their feelings.

Dad First Look Photos
Lots of Brides choose to do a First Look with the First Man in their lives–their Dad. What a great way to highlight that special bond!
Informal Wedding Photos
I just love the emotion in this image as Roberto’s aunt is hugging him.
Upstate Wedding Photographer004
Love the fact that this is multigenerational.

3. The “Aha Moment”: Oprah used to talk about the “Aha Moment.” For me at weddings, that is when the couple realizes they are actually married. Sometimes they laugh, sometimes they cry.

Garden Wedding Ceremony Photo Saratoga Springs NY
This was the moment after the Bride and Groom kissed and turned around. So happy!

Must Have Wedding Photos

4. The very first time you see each other: I don’t care if my clients have a “First Look” before the ceremony or if they wait to see each other at the altar. I do think this is a moment that needs to be captured–there are just so many emotions.

Gideion Putnam Hotel Wedding Photos
Matthew and Danielle had a first look at the back of the Gideon Putnam Hotel.
Fall Wedding Photo Upstate NY
Leah and Lee had a First Look before their wedding on Lake George.
National Museum of Dance Wedding Photo
Love the look on Shannon’s face as she sees Zach for the first time as she walks down the aisle at the National Museum of Dance.

So there you have it–this is what I am concentrating on when I photograph a wedding. Of course there is a little more to it than this, but these types of images are really the most important for me because they help people remember exactly how they felt at that particular point in time.

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