December 18, 2013

Never Work With Kids and Dogs | Saratoga Wedding Photography

“Never work with kids and dogs.”–W.C. Fields

I think he said this because they are really cute and they tend to upstage you.  I don’t mind photographing kids at weddings because they are usually very funny and sweet.  They know it is a big deal to be in a wedding and most times they can rise to the occasion (to the best of their ability at any rate).  I know of several instances where the kids behaved way better than the adults, but that is better left for another time.  The only time it is not fun is when they need a nap.  Or if they are hungry.  Of course I feel that way as well at times. Especially when hungry.

So without any further ado, here are some of my favorite photographs of kids in weddings.

Here is Marla all spiffy and ready for the ceremony to start at The Mountain House in Keene, NY.
Saratoga Wedding Photography
Can you tell how much Emily’s niece was into being in the wedding?  She thought she was pretty grown up and cool.
The Inn at Erlowest Wedding Photos
One of my all time favorites because I love the light and the color.
Mohawk River Country Club Wedding Photo
This kid was obviously really impressed with me–not!
Lake George Wedding Photo
How cute are these two in their kilts?
Saratoga NY Wedding Photographer
The Bride Was a Real Dog. Holly looks like she ran through the rain to make it on time.
Lake George Wedding Photographer
So cute–and the wreath is angelic.
Fall Adirondack Wedding Photo
He was very intent on doing a very good job.
Wedding Photo Glens Falls St Mary's
Double Trouble–look out.
State Room Wedding Photo
This just cracks me up. They were too, too excited about this party.
Hall of Springs Wedding Photo
Bust a Move at the Hall of Springs.

I don’t know, I guess I just feel like kids bring a little excitement to a wedding–they have usually not been to many, so it is all new and different for them.  I like their energy and enthusiasm.  We should Always Work With Kids and Dogs.

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