January 11, 2013

Saratoga Springs Portrait Photographer//Serendipity in Dance Photography

Senior Portraits Saratoga Springs009 Some of my favorite images come from unforeseen circumstances. This past weekend I had the pleasure of doing one. In my mind, I had a particular location planned for this photo shoot. The day was perfect for winter in Upstate New York–clear and not exceedingly cold. Well, we got to the location and–we could not use it. The place I wanted to shoot was blocked by tons of cars and there were people everywhere. I was so disappointed. Then I pulled my big girl pants on. We continued to drive and found an even better location. I love this location even better than the one I had in mind. I especially love the purple and green doors with the corroded concrete trim. I think it contrasts really wonderfully with her pristine white costume. Serendipity.