October 28, 2015

The Art of the Book | What to Look for in Wedding Albums

As a Wedding Photographer, I will readily admit to being biased in favor of my clients creating a wedding album with their images.  I feel like if all I offered were digital files, it would be kind of like going to a nice restaurant and asking for a raw steak “To Go” because I wanted to grill it at home.  Who does that?  It is the same with wedding photography.  If all I do is give you a flash drive with files, you will download them on your computer, look at the them a couple of times and then. . . .   Nothing.  Because even if you fully intend on printing your images “Some Day,” that day will probably never happen.  Because life intervenes.  Or you get so overwhelmed with the entire process that you just give up.  So to me, Wedding Photography is really a two part process–the actual photography and then printing the images in a book or as wall art.

Saratoga Wedding Albums
Books are so important in preserving your wedding images.

So what do you look for in wedding albums?  There are so many choices out there.  Fear not–here are my top five tips when choosing the right album.

  1.  Are the covers made of durable materials?  Do the pages lay flat when the book is open?  Do the pages look straight or are they warped or “wavy.”
Saratoga Photographer
This album has straight pages.
Saratoga Wedding Photos
So does this one. Just say “No” to wavy pages.

2.  Does the image run continuously across the page, or is there a “gutter?

Wedding Albums
This flush mount album does not have a gutter in the middle of the spread.

3.  Does the book come with some sort of box to help protect and preserve it’s integrity over time?

Wedding Photos Saratoga
This brocade album comes with a custom box.

4.  What type of paper and mounting is used?  Are the pages treated to prevent fading?

Lake Placid Wedding Albums
We used a mauve color in the layout and design of this album as a graphic element to enhance the colors the bride used at her event.

5.  Is the design of the pages cohesive and visually pleasing to the eye?  The point of a book is to tell a complete story.  There should be a beginning, a middle and an end.

There you have it–my top five tips for choosing an wedding album.  If you liked the album images from Jenny’s wedding, you can see more in this wedding blog post.

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