December 31, 2015

Happy New Year | A List of Things I Will NOT Be Giving Up This Year

  Saratoga Photographer I have never really been a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. Mostly because I just get bored. And I hardly ever keep them. This morning the Today Show was on in the background, and someone was expounding on all the things he would NOT be doing this year. I like that, I can do that. It appeals to my iconoclastic, self indulgent side. In fact, I like this idea so much, that I made my very own New Year’s List of Things I Will NOT Be Giving Up:

  1. I will NOT be giving up
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    dark chocolate any time soon. I like the kind that is so dark it is almost bitter, but does not cross the thin line into baking chocolate. NOT negotiable.

  2. Nor will I be giving up yoga this year. I finally can do a headstand, and I don’t look quite so much like I need intensive physical therapy when practicing. Plus, my family and friends think I am much easier to live with. Again, NOT negotiable.
  3. Eyeliner–nope, NOT giving that up. I think I I look really weird without it. Probably carcinogenic, but necessary in my world. I figure that I can give up some other cancer causing shit, but not this. Eyeliner–don’t leave home without it.
  4. Coffee in the morning. NO ONE wants me to give that up. Plus, I just really love the Keurig. Makes a perfect cup of coffee. Every. Time. There are so few things this reliable in life. I like to relish them.
  5. Naps. We do NOT need to discuss this. Ever.
  6. Bacon. Yes, I know it is bad for me. But once every couple of months? Besides, I hardly eat meat anymore. So, NOT giving it up.
  7. Wine with friends on random nights. Accompanied by laughter. NOT optional.

So in the Spirit of Self Indulgence, that is my List of Things I Will NOT Be Giving Up. I can probably think of a few more things, but this is really enough for now. I believe I have hit all the essentials.