January 6, 2016

The Art of the Book | Choosing the Right Images for Your Wedding Album

Choosing the Right Images for Your Wedding Album

Wedding Album Design
Love this image of Claire and Ray from immediately following their wedding ceremony at their farm in the Helderbergs outside of Albany.

One of the questions I get asked all the time by my Wedding Photography clients is “How do I choose the right images for my Wedding Album?”  They sometimes don’t know where to begin to narrow down 1,000 images to between 60 to 100.  Personally, I think having a large selection is a plus.  And with a few simple tips and tricks, choosing the right images for your wedding album can be fairly simple.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Images for the Album

Black and White Wedding Photos NY
Getting ready photos are an important element in a wedding album.
  1.  Do not procrastinate and put this task off.  It will seem more daunting the longer you wait.
  2. Choose the images you love and that speak to you.  Choose the ones that pull at your heartstrings.  Don’t worry about what “should” go in the album as much as which ones you do not want to live without.  And this is different for everyone.
Saranac Lake Ice Palace Wedding Photos
Love this image from Winter Carnival.

A Wedding Album Is A Story:

3.  An album is a book like any other book–it should tell a story.  Therefore, all the key moments of your Wedding should be represented.  And they should be presented in a cohesive, chronological order.

Crooked Lake Outdoor Summer Wedding Photos
This image would be great as either a first or a last page in an album.


Destination Wedding Photographer Erlowest Lake George NY
This was a great final image in Marilyne and Paul’s Wedding Album from their day at the Erlowest.

4.  Choose a killer image for the first page and the last page.

Choosing the right images for your wedding album
I love these details from the Getting Ready portion of the day.

5.  Include some of the details–they make a nice segue into the different parts of the day.

Wedding Album Photos
A few family photos are fine. Just don’t go over board in the album.

Save Most of the Family Formal Pictures For Framing:

6.  Save the majority of the family groupings for frames around your house.  A few family formals in the book are fine, just don’t go overboard with them.  That is not the purpose of the book.

Choosing the Right Images For Your Wedding Album Saratoga NY
These two images are great together. Any more on a page would be excessive.

7.  Finally, more is not necessarily better.  There is a temptation to cram as many images as you can into a book.  But really, that can take away from the story as well as the overall design of the book.  One primary image with a few supporting images tell the story much better than trying to jam as many images on a page as possible.

Finally choosing the right images for your Wedding Albums doesn’t need to be hard.  Stop procrastinating–It just takes a little time and self discipline!

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