April 10, 2012


  I like photographing babies. Alot.

I just think they are really sweet. Some photographers don’t like photographing babies, but I really, really enjoy it. I have three kids, so I am a trained professional when it comes to handling them. Sometimes people will ask me “What is the secret?” The secret is there really is no secret. Babies just act like. . .well, babies.
operate on their own schedule and timeline. They do not appreciate that you need to get happy, sweet pictures of them. They just sort of hang out and do their thing. And they let you know immediately if something is bothering them. Most of the time by crying. REALLY LOUDLY. Every baby session does not begin with a happy, smiling or sleeping baby (view the below example). Just trust me on this one. I do know this–if a baby is crying, eventually she will stop. I don’t take it personally when they cry–it is just something babies do. And when the baby stops crying, she is probably so exhausted from crying that she will fall asleep. And that is no secret.