April 6, 2012

Images You Would Run Into A Burning Building For

I did a post about choosing wedding images for an album and stated you should use images you would run into a burning building for. That go me thinking–what pictures do I have that I would run into a burning building for? These were the two I chose.

The first picture is of my paternal great grandparents with their two oldest children–my grandmother and her sister. The other is of my maternal grandparents on their wedding day. These are the only professional portraits I have of my paternal great grandparents when they were young parents and the only wedding image of my maternal grandparents.

To me, it is wonderful to see them as young adults just starting out in life–especially as I have no memory of my great grandparents. My great grandparents were immigrants fromGermanywho owned a delicatessen across from the Brooklyn Navy Yard. They worked hard all their lives and did very well. Seeing this picture makes me feel a greater connection to them. The wedding image of my grandparents also makes me feel more connected to them. I remember them as older people–not the way they looked in their youth.

What pictures would you run into a burning building for?