July 1, 2013

It is All About the Details//Vintage Wedding Trends//Saratoga Wedding Photography

Saratoga Springs Wedding Photographer, Saratoga Springs NY Wedding Photography
The brooch on this wedding bouquet really was different and almost Victorian.

Wedding Photography often gives me the opportunity to see up close what the current trends are, in Weddings and just fashion in general. The last couple of years, there has been a trend toward vintage, which I really, really love. I have always loved older items, and it is really nice to see them incorporated in a wedding–so fun to photograph them too! Vintage trends can be incorporated in almost any wedding in a variety of ways.

Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography
Love the vintage brooch pinned to the back of this wedding gown.

From the invitations, to the dress, the flowers, even the cakes–it is fun to throw in these details. It is also “green” and eco-friendly if you are recycling older items. Finally, they can have a lot of personal meaning if they were used by other family members or friends in the past. Stationary can be a fun way to incorporate a little individuality.

Wedding Photos Saratoga
It had actually snowed a little the day before this wedding.

Sometimes you can use an older item from a friend or relative to make your attire look a little more vintage and/or personal. One of my favorite items the past year were fur stoles from the 1950s–they really look very elegant and convey a feeling of glamour. It is also nice to wear an item from a friend or relative for sentimental reasons.

Saratoga Springs Wedding Photographer, Saratoga Wedding Portrait Photography
The fur stole Taryn is wearing here belonged to her grandmother–and was very warm on a really chilly day.
Saratoga Springs Wedding Photographer, Saratoga Wedding Portrait Photography
I loved this wedding veil because it was the veil the bride’s mother wore to her own wedding.

Saratoga Springs Wedding Photographer

Vintage cars are a really awesome prop for a wedding!

Saratoga Wedding Photographer
Another vintage car–love the Ray Bans!

Certain places can lend themselves very well to vintage themes. Victorian mansions or rustic barns are just a few places that can accommodate a vintage wedding theme nicely.

Saratoga Springs Wedding Photographer
The Mansion Inn is a Victorian style Bed and Breakfast in Saratoga that fits nicely with a vintage themed wedding.

Footwear and jewelry will also help you stylize a vintage theme for a wedding. Many of my couples have actually purchased vintage rings from an antique store and had them sized to fit correctly.

Saratoga Springs Wedding Photographer
The man’s Movado watch is a vintage item.
Longfellows Wedding Photo
Here the bride used her grandmother’s ivory beaded little purse along with a vintage styled bracelet.
Saratoga Springs Wedding Photographer
Although these shoes were purchased new, the buckles on the front make them look vintage.

A big vintage trend right now is the Old Hollywood look. It is inspired by the Hollywood stars of the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Think Joan Crawford, Lana Turner, Elizabeth Taylor, and Sophia Loren. All of them had a very distinct, elegant look that brides want to replicate right now.

Wedding Photography Saratoga Springs
Here is a look styled by Make Me Fabulous for a photo shoot we did depicting the Old Hollywood look. The hair and makeup is very stylized, but really elegant.
Saratoga Springs Wedding Photographer, Saratoga Springs NY Wedding Photography
Here Kristen has a Veronica Lake styled hairdo, reminiscent of the 40s.

Certain flowers can also be used to carry forward a vintage theme.

Saratoga Springs Wedding Photographer
Here Ambiance Florals used a crescent shaped bouquet with gardenias for a bouquet that looked like something from the 1950s. The little string of pearls was fabulous.

Let’s not forget the food–especially the cake.

Lake George Wedding Photo Cake
This particular cake seemed very reminiscent to me of the 1950s with its buttercream frosting, and the silver dragee accents and fresh roses decorating the cake.

Wedding Cake Photo Saratoga National

Tent wedding cake cutting photos
This chocolate cake was decadent.

Regardless of whether you want just a few accents or to do the entire wedding this way, a vintage theme can be really fun to coordinate. And the best part is you do not need to spend a lot of money to incorporate some of these fun details. Resources: Stationary: The Pink Orange Hair and Makeup: Make Me Fabulous Antique Car: Tom at The State Room Floral Design: Ambiance Florals Venues: The Inn at Erowest, Lake George The Hilton Garden Inn, Troy The Mansion Inn, Rock City Falls The Hall of Springs, Saratoga Springs Dresses: Lily Saratoga Danielle’s Bridal

Susan Blackburn is a Wedding Photographer living and working in Saratoga Springs NY.  Susan serves clients in Saratoga Springs, Lake George, the Adirondack Region and beyond.