June 28, 2013

Family Portrait Session Long Beach LI

Long Beach LI Family Portrait Session

As a Wedding and Portrait Photographer, I frequently get to travel to different locations to make photographs of my clients. In the photos below, I traveled to Long Island and photographed Bill, Janet and Cora. We had a very nice day for outdoor photography–sunny, but not too hot. We went to Long Beach on the South Shore of Long Island in Nassau County for a few images, then back to the house for more. I like that there is a distinctly different feel to both locations–the beach photos are light while the photos back at the house have more saturated colors. I don’t have a preference for either–I love that they are not the same.

Long Beach LI Family Portrait Photo
I like the blue colors in this photo.
Saratoga Childrens Photograpy
I love when kids are holding hands with their parents like this.


Saratoga Baby and Family Photos 002
The colors are more saturated here when we went back to the house. It looks completely different to me.


Saratoga Baby and Family Photos 003If you have an interesting location where you would like to have your family photographs created, give us a call at 518.584.4237 or fill out the contact form to get in touch!

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