May 18, 2016

Anne & Michael’s Elegant Saratoga Elopement

I have been a little behind on my blog posting lately and realized that I had not posted this Saratoga Elopement. I have a special place in my heart for elopements–they are always very personal and intimate. Anne and Michael eloped this past Winter in Saratoga with just their children present. The ceremony was officiated by our very own Saratoga Wedding Officiant Reverend Joy Burke. The ceremony was beautiful, personal and meaningful and just delightful to witness. Below is Anne and Michael’s story.

Saratoga Springs Wedding Photographer
Love this Black and White Wedding image from Anne and Michael’s elopement in Saratoga Springs this past winter.
Saratoga Wedding Photo
Reverend Joy lives and works in a converted church in downtown Saratoga Springs. I love the space, particularly the red door.

“Michael and I met several years ago through a common hobby and our children. Both of us were very active in the local horse show circuit. Our children actually began dating four years ago.

Wedding Photos Getting Ready
Anne’s lovely daughter was one of the witnesses.
Wedding Preparation Photo
Pinning on the Groom’s boutonniere.

“We were mutual friends for several years, and when we found ourselves going through some difficult times, that friendship resulted in a support system that saved us both and gave us hope.

Saratoga Groom
Getting ready–a contemplative time usually.
Elopement Photo
This was a candid–the light was so great. It makes a good portrait.

“We started dating in 2014, and were lucky our children embraced this friendship and support system. We decided to elope as we felt that what was most important in our lives was the love we had for each other and our families. We were blessed that our union was blessed by our children, who were witnesses at our elopement.

Saratoga Wedding Photos
Loved the bouquets.

Saratoga Elopement Photos

Elopement Saratoga
Blessing the rings is really important.

Wedding Ring Exchange Photo

Wedding Ceremony Photo Saratoga Springs
I always feel like the ceremony is really the heart of any wedding.
Elopment Photos Saratoga Springs NY
I love how ceremonies can go from lighthearted to serious in no time at all.

“My family was born and raised in Saratoga, and I have substantial roots there, even though I have lived out of the area for most of my life. Our elopement was blessed by Joy Burke, and we could not have been happier with the intimacy and gentleness of our commitment to each other.”

Bride and Groom Photo Saratoga
After the ceremony, we did some formal (and not so formal) photos.
Wedding Ring Detail Photo
Did you know that the roundness of wedding rings symbolizes infinity? They are worn on the left ring finger because it was believed blood traveled from there directly to the heart.
Wedding Day Portrait Photo
Formal Portrait of the entire group–all four of them:)
Bride and Bridesmaid Photo Saratoga Springs
The light was just wonderful for portraits.
Groom in Congress Park Photo
We went to Congress Park for a bit.
Congress Park Winter Wedding Photo
Loved the stole Anne wore outside.

Saratoga Springs Weddings

The shoes were super fun too.

Winter Wedding Congress Park Photo
I especially loved the way the light was rimming their hair in this series of photos we did. Love the geometry of the steps.

A Saratoga Elopement–I love them! Many blessings to Anne and Michael! Did you enjoy this blog post on a Saratoga Elopement? You might also enjoy this post on a Fern Lodge Elopement.

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