February 10, 2014

Facetime with the Fabulous Alayne Curtiss | Wedding Day Makeup for Photos

As a wedding photographer, one of the things I love is when a bride has her hair and makeup professionally styled. Wedding Day Makeup is an art form to me. Not only do the brides look great, they also seem way less stressed than the girls who do it all themselves. One of the great things about the Saratoga Springs area is that we have amazing stylists, especially the Fabulous Alayne Curtiss of Make Me Fabulous.

Being Fabulous is a way of life.
MakeMeFabulous 04
Alayne Curtiss helping a client get Fabulous.

Alayne shared with me some of her tips and tricks for wedding day makeup, as well as a few personal things. Alayne has an extensive background as a hair and makeup artist for both print and television, which gives her a special insight into what a photographer needs when photographing a bride. Interestingly, although Alayne had worked for several major cosmetic companies over a 14 year span, none of those companies taught their stylists how to apply makeup for the camera. It was only after she was taken under the wing of several seasoned commercial stylists for three years that she learned about choosing camera friendly products and what techniques worked best.

What made you want to become a professional hair and makeup stylist?

When I was in high school I did everyone’s hair and makeup. Then afterwards when I had a waitressing job, I would do everyone’s hair and makeup before we went out. When I went to college in the 80’s this would not have been an acceptable major, so I received my degree in marketing and had a sales job for 9 years. On the weekends I would work as an artist for Clinique for fun. After my kids were born I decided to do what I liked and work nights and weekends so I could be home with the kids during the day. It worked for our family, and I slowly received my Cosmetology and Esthetiques licenses while I built my business. I now tell my kids to make sure they love what they do because you will need to put in a lot of hours at it to be successful.

Just some of the tools.

What is the one thing when you are working that you cannot do your job without? What would they need to pry out of your cold, dead hands?

Bare Minerals Primetime–I use it to thin and blend foundation including airbrush makeup, clean under eye fall out, fill creases and fine lines.

What is your preferred brand of product and why?

I call my self a product whore, cuz I get around, LOL. Right now I have a lot of Bare Minerals and Stila in my kit. I also adore the Kevyn Aucoin brow pencil and Sensual skin enhancer in #9– it covers everything!


Below are some of Alayne’s Tips and Tricks for a Fabulous Wedding Day:

1. Timing–this is crucial for a wedding day. Be certain your hair and makeup team know how to work with wedding day timing. Did you know that if you are doing a first look, you need to be completely ready 3 or 4 hours prior to the ceremony? And if your artist says they do the bride last, walk away and find someone else. This is a major no-no with wedding professionals. Guess who the artist ends up rushing on if anything is running behind–yup, you! Fabulousness cannot be rushed!

2. Make sure your artist uses a foundation without sunscreen and one that matches your body, not your face. The entire front and back of the neck should match your chest and shoulders as well. Once your hair goes up, there is a big white spot on the back of the neck and behind the ears that never sees the sun.

3. Airbrush does not mean a lighter foundation application. And it is not for everyone. Airbrush makeup can be oil or water based and is often not able to be blended after it is applied. Be sure your artist chooses the correct foundation for your skin type and the weather conditions.

4. Have a trial run before the big day. During your preview, be honest about what you like or do not like. Do not be afraid to speak up. Take photos of each angle of your hair/face and have them available for reference on your wedding day.

5. Remember, you don’t want roots on your wedding day! Make sure to schedule an appointment with your stylist a couple of weeks before your wedding for a touch up.

6. Another alternative to strip lashes are Lash Extensions. They last two to three weeks and provide voluminous results!

7. The location of where you are getting ready makes all the difference. Ample space for your bridal party and artists will create a less stressed atmosphere.

8. Natural light is best when doing makeup. Kitchens with windows work best.

9. Do not have any facials the week before the wedding. Also, do not change any of your skin care products right before the wedding–you do not want to risk a break out or allergic reaction.

10. Honeymoon after the wedding? Schedule your Bikini or Brazilian wax before the big day.

Wedding Pictures Saratoga
Getting fabulous.


Old Hollywood Wedding Photos 01
Being fabulous. The right amount of time and the right stylist leads to fabulous results.

Want to meet Alayne in person and have a little Fabulous Facetime? You can visit Alayne and her team at Make Me Fabulous on Front Street in Ballston Spa.