January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! Some Favorite Baby Photos

2013 Favorite Baby Photos:

On New Year’s Day, I always get a picture stuck in my head of the New Year’s Baby–the symbol of New Beginnings. So to the start the New Year off right, here is my homage to New Beginnings starring some of my favorite baby photos from this year.

Baby Photos Christmas Saratoga
Holidays can just be so exhausting.
Lake George Newborn Photography Baby and Grandma
I love these pictures of Libby with her Great Grandmother. What a treasure.
Saratoga Maternity and Newborn Photos
I love how new babies are still kind of curled up like they are still in utero.
Saratoga Newborn Photo
The star motif is great!
Split Tone Newborn Photo
Quite a lot of my favorite photos of babies have them yawning. I don’t know why.
Baby Pictures
OK, I realize this is technically not a baby. But he is waiting for the baby, so that counts, right?
Saratoga Baby Photos
Can you guess what Dad does?
Saratoga Baby Photos 09
I really like the large hands next to the tiny baby. Great perspective for how truly tiny and delicate they are.
Ballston Spa Newborn Photographer
Siblings are so excited and make a great addition to the pictures.
Newborn Maternity Photos Saratoga
This is just hysterical.

Here is wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year in 2014. If you enjoyed these baby photos by Saratoga Springs  Newborn Photographer Susan Blackburn, please feel free to visit our Newborn Baby Photography Portfolio. Interested in becoming a client? Please call (518) 584-4237 to schedule a consultation.

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