November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! | Saratoga Photographer

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I love making a really nice dinner and sitting down to enjoy it with my family and my friends.  Most of all it gives me a chance to reflect on what is important in my life and the things I have to be thankful for.

Table is set.  T minus 9 and counting.
Table is set. T minus 9 and counting.

I like getting up very early on Thanksgiving morning when  my kids are  in bed.  It snowed yesterday, so there is an added quiet (with the exception of my husband snow blowing).  The food has been prepped and the table is set, so I can relax a little with a cup of coffee.

So here is what I am thankful for today:

1.  I am surrounded by family and friends who not only support me, but make me want to be a better person (for those of you who  know me very well, you know this can be a real challenge sometimes–haha).

2.  I wake up in the morning healthy, feeling pretty good, and able to tackle what comes my way (not always as gracefully as I would like–see above–but still).

3.  That I am able to feed my family and that we have a roof over our heads.  Our house is warm and we have a refrigerator full of food.  We have running water and electricity.

4.  That I live in a country where I can pretty much say and do what I like within reason without getting thrown in jail.  That I am entitled to have my own flawed opinions.

5.  That my kids were able to go to school and get an education.

6.  That I have the privilege of doing a job I love.  I get to meet all kinds of people and spend some of the happiest times of their lives with them.

Although I can be cynical and sarcastic at times, I do really appreciate all of these things.  I am very fortunate.

Have a great day everyone.