June 14, 2015

It’s Just Personal | Saratoga Photographer

Saratoga Yoga Photographer
Unbearable Lightness
As a portrait photographer, I don’t generally share a lot of my personal photography or art projects on this website/blog. Because they are just–personal. And I never explain my images or drawings really. I am making an exception with this one because I really love it a lot, and it has a few things in it that are really important to me. The subject in the image is Cindy, the owner of the yoga studio where I practice in Saratoga. People who know me well think it is pretty funny that I do yoga as I am generally not known for my zen-like demeanor and equanimity. I decided to try yoga because I was tired of feeling sick all the time. I was tired of feeling stressed all the time. I was tired of feeling super competitive all the time. I was tired–I was just tired. And I discovered I really, really liked yoga. No–I really, really LOVE yoga. Sometimes it is the only time during the day where I feel like I can breathe, and that is totally freaking awesome. This particular image was inspired by a moment I had in class last Thursday evening. As I was wiping sweat off my face, I realized that I actually, no lie, had snot pouring out of my nose. Not talking just a little, teeny, tiny bit. Nope. Like a major, major amount of snot. And instead of being utterly horrified, I just kept going (after I wiped it away). Again, people who know me well will think this is just absolutely hysterical–I don’t even think of leaving my house without eyeliner. And I know I am not the “Best” yogi in the room. But I don’t even care. Because I know that if I am breathing and feeling something, that is enough. I am there to challenge myself with deep breaths and a calm mind. Anything else is superficial. So what does this have to do with the image you ask? Well the image has some symbols in it that have to do with what I feel like yoga is. Because guess what? I found out yoga is not just a super hard workout by way of India. It is really about the connection between your mind, body and soul. Cindy is holding a mask because when you are doing yoga, you need to take off the mask that you wear

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for everyone else and let all your bullshit fall away. It was kind of a bonus that Cindy had just shaved her head for St. Baldrick’s–thanks Cindy! The sign in the background says Private Area because yoga is a personal journey. The structure in the background reminds me of a temple. And she is levitating because when you let all the bullshit go, it is incredibly liberating. It is an Unbearable Lightness. It’s just personal. Thank you to everyone at Hot Yoga Saratoga.