July 15, 2015

Meghann and Mike’s Destination Wedding on Friend’s Lake | Upstate NY Photographer

Wedding Photos Fern Lodge
Meghann and Mike had a gorgeous day for their Destination Wedding on Friend’s Lake at the Fern Lodge.

I was very excited to photograph Meghann and Mike’s Destination Wedding on Friend’s Lake at the Fern Lodge in Chestertown recently.  The Fern Lodge is beautiful at any time of the year and the weather that day was perfect.  Below is their story:

Fern Lodge Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos Friend's Lake
Some friends waiting for Meg to get back from the hairdresser’s.

How did you meet?  We met at a bar in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Friends Lake Destination Wedding Photos007
Mike looked classic in his tux.

Friends Lake Destination Wedding Photos006

Friends Lake Destination Wedding Photos005


Adirondack Destination Wedding

How did he propose?  Mike had just come home from Pennsylvania.  Mike purchased the ring in Pennsylvania.  I was grading papers when he asked me.  His original plan to ask me to marry him was at one of my favorite hiking spots in Williamstown, Massachusetts.  However, he told me that he had to ask me the night he came home because he was excited.

Destination Wedding Photos

Adirondack Wedding Photos
Love the sparkly shoes.
Destination Wedding Fern Lodge
The color of the Persian rug matched the red roses perfectly.

Wedding Photos Fern Lodge

Fern Lodge Adirondacks

Adirondack Wedding Photos

Friend's Lake Wedding

Destination Wedding Friend's Lake

Destination Wedding Fern Lodge Photos

How did you choose your venue?  I had lived and worked in England for years.  Most of my friends there either rented out a lodge or had their wedding at an inn.  I always thought the British approach to getting married was more for me.  Mike agreed that would work better for us since there are 5+ hours between our families.  We camp in the Adirondacks every summer.  I started researching possible lodges to rent.  When I found the Fern Lodge, I just had to see it.  When we went there in September, we instantly knew we had to get married there.

Fern Lodge Wedding Photos
The back of the Fern Lodge is wonderful for a wedding ceremony outdoors.
Fern Lodge Photos
The garden is just so lush and green.
Fern Lodge Wedding Ceremony Photo
The ceremony took place overlooking the lake.
Destination Wedding Fern Lodge
I love capturing the first time the groom sees the bride.

What advice would you give to other couples planning a wedding in a destination location particularly?  Ask someone who lives locally to give recommendations for food, flowers, hair/makeup, etc.  The owner of the Fern Lodge gave us incredible recommendations.

Fern Lodge Friend's Lake Wedding Photos
Saratoga Wedding Officiant Joy Burke presided over the ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony Friend's Lake


Wedding Photos Friend's Lake

How did you feel when you saw each other for the first time at the ceremony?  

Meg;  The happiest moment of my life

Wedding Ceremony Friend's Lake Photos

Wedding Ceremony Friend's Lake

Destination Wedding Photos Adirondacks

Saratoga Wedding Officiant Joy Burke

Destination Wedding Photos Adirondcks

Wedding Ceremony Photos Fern Lodge

Mike:  Meg looked stunning.  I felt like the luckiest man in the world.

Wedding Photos Fern Lodge

Wedding Photos Fern Lodge

Fern Lodge Wedding Photos
Lucky pennies to throw in the lake.

Destination wedding Adirondack Mountains

Wedding Photos Fern Lodge Destination

Friend's Lake Destination Wedding Photos

Informal Wedding Photos Adirondacks

Destination Wedding Friend's Lake

What is next for you as a couple?  At the moment, we are trying to finish the last updates on our condo.  We are hoping to put it on the market soon because we would like a larger home.

Destination Wedding Photos Adirondacks

Bridal Portrait Adirondack Mountains
The gardens made a stunning backdrop for photos.

Wedding Photos Adirondacks

Adirondack Wedding Photographer

Destination Wedding Photos Friend's Lake

Summer Wedding Photos Adirondacks

Friend's Lake Inn Photos

Friend's Lake Inn Photos

Friend's Lake Wedding PHotos
Wedding Cake Photo Friend's Lake

Congratulations to Meg and Mike!  Your wedding was beautiful!


Summer Wedding Friend's Lake Photos


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Wedding Vendors for Meghann and Mikes’ Destination Wedding on Friend’s Lake

Wedding Photography | Blackburn Portrait Design

Wedding Officiant | Reverend Joy Burke

Wedding Ceremony Venue | The Fern Lodge

Wedding Dinner Venue | The Friend’s Lake Inn

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