March 22, 2012

Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates | Wedding Photographers Lake George

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Black and White Photography lends itself to more photojournalistic style images.

Wedding Photo the Inn at Erlowest

Inn at Erlwest Wedding Photo

“Life is like a box of chocolates–you never know what you are going to get.”

One of my favorite parts of photographing a wedding is the time before the ceremony when the bride is getting ready.  It is one of the best times of the day to create photos that are in a photojournalistic style.  It is always very exciting, and there are a lot of emotions flying in the air.  There is anticipation, fear, happiness, even a little sadness all at the same time.  You never know going in what you are going to get.  In the first image, I love the way the little girl is playing with the bride’s dress–you can tell she is wondering what it would be like to be the bride herself.  In the second image, the bride’s friends are helping her get dressed, and you can tell by the look on the bride’s face and the gesture of the hands that she is experiencing a wide range of emotions.  In the last image, the bride is looking out the window in anticipation of what is to come.  Her posture and body language all telegraph expectancy, and I love that.

I think the thing I like best about photographing the preparation part of weddings is the transformation that takes place.  It is a rite of passage where a woman is leaving behind one part of her life and taking on a new role.  And honestly, we as a culture have so few formal rites of passage that it is nice to get the chance to document them.  I feel so fortunate.

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