April 3, 2012

Wedding Albums Part 2 | Albany Wedding Photographers

Wedding Albums Part 2

Choosing the Images for Your Wedding Album Can Be Hard!

State Capitol Albany NY Wedding Photos
Some images from Dave and Joy’s Wedding at the NYS Capital.

Wedding Photos Saratoga

Wedding Photos Albany NY Capitol

OK, so you just got your images from the wedding–how do you pull out the ones you want for the album?

Designing an album is a lot of fun for me.  Basically, a Wedding Album takes the best-of-the-best images and pulls them together in a cohesive manner to tell the story of the day from start to finish.  But how do you choose the best-of-the-best?  Especially if you like ALL the images?  If you keep the final goal in mind, it does not need to be a horrible chore–and it may even be fun.

1.  Choose pictures you LOVE.  Not the pictures your mom loves, not the pictures everyone else thinks you should have–the ones YOU love.  The ones you would run into a burning building to save.

2.  Don’t go too heavy on the family pictures–they look much better in frames on a desk or on a wall anyway.  Your album does not need to be a visual record of all the attendees–despite what your aunt thinks.

3.  Try to avoid duplication.  You do not need ten pictures of your dad walking you down the aisle–a couple are fine. Trust me on this one–choose the best image or two (OK, maybe three) in a series and move on.

4.  Keep in mind that this is a story–include images from all parts of the day that you think are important.  Remember that detail images are often a very eloquent way of setting tone or as a way to segue from one part of the day to the next.

5.  Include a variety of different types of shots, i.e. wide angle, close up, formal, candid, details, etc. to keep the viewer(s) from being bored.  Every image should not look the same.

When in doubt, ask your photographer’s opinion.  We do this for a living.  While I cannot tell you which images you love the best, I can tell you when you have narrowed the selection down what will work best in terms of telling the story.  After all, this is part of what you are paying a professional to do.

Susan Blackburn is a Wedding Photographer in the Capital District of New York offering the finest in Wedding Albums and Wall Art for her clients.