September 7, 2014

Then and Now–Wow! | Alex’s First Birthday Photos | Saratoga Photographer

First Birthday Photos–Yay!  Last year, I had the opportunity to create Newborn Photos for my clients Amanda and Kyle.

I had photographed their wedding and was thrilled to be able to document this new chapter in their lives.

Saratoga Baby Photos 04
Amanda, Kyle and Alexandria last year. What a difference a year makes!

Fast forward one year, and they have celebrated their little girl Alexandria’s First Birthday!  I was so grateful to be on hand to celebrate this huge milestone with them.  Below are some First Birthday Photos, along with some thoughts from Amanda about this big first year!

First Birthday Photos
Alex is a big kid now! Look at those eyes!

“Right before Alex was born I asked my Mom “How will I know what she wants or needs?”  She said that I would just know, and of course then I was like, “Thanks Mom for such helpful tips.”

First Year Baby Photos002
The lovely cakes were by the Lake George Baking Company. They tasted as good as they looked.
First Year Baby Photos003
What is a First Birthday party without the banners?

The moment I had her, it just clicked for both Kyle and I.  We knew exactly what she needed and how to console her.  From then on, we couldn’t remember what it was like before her.

First Year Baby Photos006
The party had face painting and balloon animals. Fun!

Throughout her first year, she has learned so much.  She is a great sleeper, loves food and adores Moose (he is warming up to her day by day–he now lets her climb on him because he knows it is inevitable).

First Year Baby Photos005
Uncle Geoff is a big favorite with Alex.

There were a few adjustments during her first year with us, but honestly, she made everything easy.  We rarely lost sleep because she was sleeping through the night since she was a month and a half.  She went everywhere with us so we could get errands done or even just go out for a meal, and she barely cried unless we were slow making her bottle.

First Year Baby Photos004
Amanda took pictures every month in the same chair. You can really see the big changes over the year. And it is great to display for a First Birthday party.
First Year Baby Photos007
Alex was not really digging the whole cake/singing thing.
First Year Baby Photos008
Then she realized it was actually pretty ok.

I am excited for another year with her. . .she is becoming a little girl with an amazing personality.  I see lots of laughs in our future.

First Year Baby Photos009 (1)
Check out those eyelashes!
First Year Baby Photos009
What a cutie! Love the diaper cover!

Happy First Birthday Alex!  You are a doll!

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