August 7, 2014

Personal Photography Projects | Saratoga Photographer

A few years back, I went on a trip with a couple of other photographers to the Cotswalds in England. My friend Janel Pahl organized the trip. It was a great. We just drove around and photographed all day. In the evening, we went back to the Inn where we were staying, edited our pictures, and then shared them later in the evening. It was a lot of fun hanging out with other photographers all day for a week and was a great way to learn from other people. Below are some images I made during the trip.

Saratoga Photographer 03
Fields of Gold, like in the song by Sting.
Saratoga NY Photographer 01
We were in the Cotswalds in May and there were lots of baby lambs. The Cotswalds are famous for the wool they produce. Lots of sheep:)
Saratoga Photographer 05
The entire country gardens as a hobby. They have the most beautiful gardens everywhere.
Saratoga Photographer 04
The highlight of the trip for me was when we went to Stonghenge at dusk. Amazing place.

I feel like I was so fortunate to be able to make this trip because I made some great friends and got to work on my photography Please visit our Wedding Photography Portfolio or the other galleries to see more examples of my photography. Susan Blackburn is a photographer based in Saratoga Springs, NY. She photographs Weddings, Children and Families. Please call 518.584.4237 to schedule your appointment.