May 15, 2015

Prior Proper Planning, Yada Yada | High School Senior Portraits

It is that time of year again–time for High School Senior Portraits!  I always feel like the success of any Portrait Session rests on Prior Proper Planning.  So to that end, I have compiled some of my little tips and tricks for making your Senior Portrait Session a resounding success.  With 20 years of experience photographing High School Seniors, these are my tried and true methods.

Saratoga Springs High School Snen
Yes, we can do “The Drape” photo.

1.  Yes, we can do “The Drape” photo.  Some schools require this shot for their yearbooks–blue backdrop, girls with drape and pearls, boys with suit and tie.  It is a clean, classic, traditonal shot.  We suggest you do this in case your school requires it.  It takes a minimal amount of time, and then we can move on to more interesting things.

Senior Portraits Saratoga
Love the bow tie.

2.  Make sure that if you are getting a hair cut, you do so a week prior to let your hair grow in a bit.  We suggest you do not do anything too radically different for your portraits–you still want to look like yourself.

Albany Senior Portraits
Manicures are important.

3.  We often include your hands in portraits, so you will want to make sure your hands and nails are clean and look neat.

Saratoga Family Portraits
One of my favorite Sister photos.

4.  You can include your siblings–we actually encourage it.  But the main portion of the session is about you.  If your parents want more than one or two images with siblings, we suggest you schedule another session exclusively for that.


Saratoga Senior Portraits
Color Harmony is very important.

5.  Color Harmony is an important part of beautiful portraiture.  The clothing should all coordinate.  It was not a happy accident that the outfit coordinated with the backdrop–I planned this ahead of time.

Location Senior Portraits Saratoga
Another example of Color Harmony.
Senior Portraits Clifton Park
Contrast this image to the one before. Both have the same outfit. The location makes it look completely different.
HIgh school Pictures Saratoga
Texture is important as well.

6.  Texture is important in photos as well.  The neutral colors combined with the lacy texture of the top make this visually interesting.

Upstate NY Senior Portraits
Love this location

7.  Location, location, location.  Love the contrast of the prom dress with the old industrial building.

Senior Portrait Photography Saratoga Springs NY
This feels very Old Hollywood.

The above image is a more traditional location.  I love both of these images–they reflect both girls’ personalities.

Ballston Spa Senior Portraits
Accessories are critical components for your outfits.

7.  Make sure you bring all the proper accessories–shoes, belts, jewelry, hats, etc.  I suggest you put individual outfits on a separate hanger.  Put the accessories for each outfit in their own plastic bag.  Keep the bag with the corresponding outfit so nothing gets mixed up.

Lake George Senior Portrait Photos
Perfect shoes for this location.

8.  Don’t go crazy with the makeup.  Yes, you need to wear some.  But maybe just a little more than usual, not over the top.

Saratoga Springs NY HS Senior Portraits
Love the natural look of the makeup in this Cap and Gown Portrait of Madison.

And that is that.  Proper Prior Planning = Perfect Portraits.

Are you planning on getting your High School Senior Portraits created?  Check out our Senior Portrait Gallery.  Then call (518)-584-4237 to schedule your appointment today!

Photographer Susan Blackburn of Susan Blackburn Photography specializes in photographing Seniors Portrait Photography sessions. With a photography studio location in Saratoga Springs, NY, Susan serves the Saratoga Springs, Lake George and the Adirondack Regions. She is also available for travel assignments.  Susan has been a professional photographer for 20 years. Her goal has always been simple—take pictures that her clients love.