December 18, 2016

Top Five Winter Wedding Planning Tips | Adirondack Wedding Photographer

Winters in Upstate New York are beautiful, and Winter Weddings are romantic and magical.

In Saratoga Springs and the Adirondack region, we have some phenomenal venues that are great for Winter Wedding photo opportunities.

Planning a wedding in general can be stressful, but planning a wedding in the darker, colder months has a few additional challenges.  Here are some of my tips to couples planning a Winter Wedding in the Adirondacks.

Saratoga Wedding Photography
This was the perfect time of day to get outdoor Wedding Photos at this particular location. It is all about the Timeline.
  1.  Timing is Everything–As an Adirondack Wedding Photographer, I am always looking for perfect light for my subjects.  If you want great outdoor photos in the winter, you need to take two things into consideration–the time the sun sets and the temperature on that day. The sun sets pretty early here in the winter, so consider having a first look so you can take advantage of the daylight.  Also, make sure you have some warm tights or thermal underwear under your gown so you stay warm–no one will see and it will make being out in the cold much more bearable.
We went the the Ice Palace in Saranac Lake after Jenny and Jason’s wedding to capture some night shots–so beautiful. It was sub-zero, so the fur coat was practical as well as beautiful. 

2.  Accessorize–Speaking of clothing options, invest in some winter accessories to complete your look.  Consider investing in a really beautiful fur stole or cape.  They not only look glam–they will help keep you warm.  Cute boots are a great option for standing out in the snow–you can still have beautiful shoes for indoors.  And gloves are a good idea as well.

Winter wedding accessories
Cute boots paired with thick tights will keep your feet warm in the snow.
How beautiful is the fur stole this bride wore?
Longfellows Winter Wedding
Don’t forget to keep the Bridal Party warm! Great mittens and stoles for the attendants in faux fur.

 3.  Floral Considerations–Keep in mind that certain flowers, while they look beautiful, may not hold up well in really cold     temperatures.  Ask your florist for their input on what will hold up best for outdoor photos.

Winter Wedding Planning Tips
Consider using Evergreens in your arrangements–they are in season and smell great!
Winter Wedding Photos Adirondacks
While I love hydrangea and roses, they do not tolerate the cold well. We had very limited time to work outdoors with them.

4.  Warm Up–Your guests and your Bridal Party might appreciate being greeted at the reception with a hot beverage.  Spiked Hot Cocoa or Eggnog is really fun.

Hot Cocoa Bar photo
This is from a fun and festive hot cocoa bar.

5.  Seasonal Decor–The most beautiful Winter Weddings incorporate seasonal elements into the decor and color scheme.  Bringing in elements from the outdoors helps create a magical feeling in your wedding space.  Lighting in icy blues can also enhance the theme.

Saratoga Winter Wedding Decor Photos
Candles bring warmth and light–especially appropriate for Winter Wedding Decor.
I loved the seasonal elements and the photo of Whiteface incorporated in this February Wedding in Lake Placid.
Winter Wedding Reception Saratoga
The blue lighting really helped enhance the decor at this winter wedding.

There you have it–Top Five Tips for planning a winter wedding.

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Susan Blackburn is a Wedding Photographer in the Adirondack Area who loves photographing Winter Weddings.