November 6, 2015

Rustically Speaking | Tips for Rustic Wedding Planning

Rustic Albany Wedding Photo
Claire and her mother planted all the sunflowers by the barn on the property for the wedding this past summer.

I love photographing weddings because I get to see a wide variety of trends.  A huge trend in weddings lately is weddings with a rustic theme.  This theme lends itself well to barns, fields and camp settings, which is perfect for our local region–the Adirondacks.  We have many venues like this that are beautiful, quaint and picturesque, which is great because the term “rustic” can mean different things to different people.  Rustic can encompass vintage, bohemian, country–you name it.  But before you get all excited about the possiblities of Mason jars with wildflowers and bales of hay,  you will want to think ahead and plan things through. A rustic wedding can be fun, but also a little/lot more work.   Here are some ideas and tips to help inspire you with your rustic wedding planning and make the process a little easier.

Farmhouse wedding photos
The groom built this arbor for the wedding. The chairs were rented from Total Events.
  1.  Most rustic venues are a little, well, primitive.  That is part of their charm.  That also means you will most likely need to bring things in.  As in:  tables, chairs, china, etc.  And did I mention restrooms?  You will need to budget for all of these items, and you would be surprised how fast it can all add up.
Barn Wedding Photos
Loved these little lace foot covers from Lily Saratoga.
Rustic Barn Country Wedding Photos
How cute are these boots?


2.  The terrain will likely be a little bit rough.  Skip the stilettos and opt for comfort.

Tent Wedding Reception Photos
This was a great party!

3.  Check the local rules for sound ordinances, traffic issues, etc.  Will you need to obtain a special variance for your event?  Police at the party would be memorable, but not in a good way.


Stablegate Wedding Photos
These umbrellas were as pretty as they were functional. Great planning ahead!

4.  Make sure you plan for inclement weather.  Umbrellas for guests in case of rain will be much appreciated.

5.  Will your caterer be able to bring the food in easily and keep it at optimal temperatures?  Is there a generator on the premises?

Rustic wedding cakes and desserts
The Groom’s Mom and Sister made all the desserts for this wedding.

6.  Is there a plan if the temperature is unseasonably warm or cold?  Can you have fans or heaters so guests stay comfortable?

Lake Placid Wedding Photos
Comfortable guests are happy guests. Bee good hosts and keep them warm and dry please.

So there you have it.  These are always fun weddings to photograph, just keep these tips in mind.  A little planning goes a long way.

Rustic Farm Wedding Photos
I just really, really love this image.

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