May 3, 2017

Hilary + Ben | Saratoga Springs Maternity Photo Session

A Saratoga Springs Maternity Photo Session

I got to photograph a Maternity Photo Session a few weeks ago that I really love.  Hilary and Ben are the cutest couple!  They  are expecting a little girl soon.  I asked Hilary to share a little bit about her pregnancy:

Baby Photos Saratoga Springs
So how cute are these tiny shoes? The book was a shower gift from Grandma.

How did you tell Ben you were expecting? ” I told him we were expecting when we were still living in Charleston, SC.  We were grocery shopping and I snuck a package of diapers into the grocery cart.  When we got to the checkout, he didn’t even notice them on the conveyor belt!  I handed them to him and said, “Go put these back, we won’t need them for another nine months.”  He looked so confused and walked away with them.  By the time he came back, he had a big smile on his face!”

Maternity Photo Session Saratoga Springs NY
One of my favorite images from the session.
Saratoga Springs NY Maternity Photographers
Another one of my favorites. We have a selection of clothing items for the mamas that I love using.

How has your pregnancy been so far?  “My pregnancy has been very smooth for the most part.  I hardly had any morning sickness and haven’t had what I consider to be “weird” cravings.  Except one time I HAD to have Strawberry Nesquick.  I drank a whole bottle in one sitting and have never wanted it again.  Hahahaha”

Pregnancy Photos Saratoga Springs NY

Black and White Maternity Photo
This is just adorable.

“We moved up to Ballston Spa when I was about nine weeks pregnant last October.  Even with Ben’s crazy schedule and my belly getting bigger, we have managed to travel around since we moved.  Ben got to snowboard this winter, we visited NYC, drove through MA, and got to visit Boston for the first time.  We even road tripped down to VA and MD to visit family during the holidays.

Saratoga Maternity Photographer
This is the dress Hilary wore to her shower–so pretty.

When did you find out you were having a girl?  “We found out we were having a girl at the beginning of January, and we were both so excited.  Ben wanted us to have a girl first, and I’ve had a feeling I was having a girl since the very beginning.”

Hall of Springs Saratoga Maternity Photos
We went outdoors as well to the Hall of Springs. The weather was perfect!

Do you have any names picked out?  ” To everyone else’s frustration, we haven’t settled on a name and decided to name her once we met her.  Until then, Ben likes to say “A girl who has no name”–Game of Thrones reference, haha.  It has been hard being away from our family and friends during this time in our lives, but we stay as connected as we can by sharing how we are doing on social media.  #militarylife

Maternity Photography Studio Saratoga Springs NY
I really love the vibrant color in these images.

“Now we are less than three weeks from our due date and we are so ready for her to be here!”

I hope you enjoyed reading about Hilary and Ben’s Maternity Photo Session.  If you are considering a Maternity Photo Session, you might want to check out our Tips and Tricks for Maternity Photos.

Do you like Hilary’s look?  Her hair and makeup were done by Make Me Fabulous.

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