April 21, 2017

Celebrate Your Inner Goddess | Maternity Photo Sessions Saratoga

Celebrate Your Inner Goddess

I love doing Maternity Photo Sessions for my clients.

I think part of the reason I love it so much is that when I was having my kids, there was really no one around who photographed pregnant women.  You were lucky if your husband took a quick snapshot of you sideways, and these never really looked great.  Trust me.  So my goal always is to make my mamas look like the goddesses they are.

Maternity Photo Sessions Saratoga Springs NY
I think all pregnant women look like goddesses.

Here are some quick things to help you plan out your Maternity Photo Session:

Timing is Everything for Maternity Photo Sessions:

Personally, I feel like the very best time for a pregnancy session is when your belly is nicely round, but before you get to the super swollen, can we get this over with stage in pregnancy.  Usually that is a month before your due date.  But everyone is different.

Saratoga Springs Maternity Photographers
Marissa has the most beautiful skin. I am sure she drank a lot of water.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate:

Make sure you drink lots of water.  It will help your skin look great, and you will feel better too.

Pregnancy Newborn Photos Saratoga Springs NY
You can bring your own clothes. This was super cute with the denim jacket.

Comfort is Key in a Maternity Session:

Feeling comfortable is key to looking great.  We have a pretty nice selection of pregnancy friendly wardrobe items here.  But you are always welcome to bring some things of your own.  It tell people to bring the outfit they feel they look and feel the best in.

Maternity Newborn Photos Saratoga Springs NY
Hilary had her hair and makeup done at Make Me Fabulous. And she looks Fabulous!  Look at her skin–flawless!

Hair and Makeup:

I usually recommend that my pregnancy mamas go and splurge with a hair and makeup stylist.  This makes them feel pampered and beautiful.  And that translates to confidence in the photos.  We have a list here of really talented stylists that we love working with–you will love them too!

Maternity Photography Studio Saratoga Springs NY
We have some really stunning and comfortable clothing items available for your maternity photo session.

Relax and Have Fun:

This is the most important thing!  With over 20 years of photographing portraits, it is my job to make you look great!  Just relax and smile!  Maternity Photo Sessions are not only fun, they are a great way to look back after your baby is born and marvel at the miracle of it all.

Are you ready to celebrate the goddess that you are?  Contact us to schedule your maternity session today.  518.584.4237.

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