April 9, 2013

Saratoga Springs Newborn and Child Photographer//Best Ages to Photograph Your Child

Photographing Newborns, Babies and Small Children is always a joy for me.

As a mom of three beautiful girls, it makes me think back to when they were small. At the time my kids were small, I was sometimes so overwhelmed that I did not have the time or patience to create beautiful portraits of them.  I really regret this and I think it is why I love making portraits for parents so much. Our family has many, many candid pictures, but very few real portraits. Maybe part of why I do children’s portraits is because I wish I had taken more “real” photos.

One question I get asked frequently by new parents is how often they should bring their babies in for portraits. During the first year, babies change so much. The following is a guide for the best ages for newborn and baby portraits.

Saratoga Springs Newborn Pictures
I could watch a baby sleep like this all day.


1. Newborns: The first two weeks of your baby’s life will go by in blur for you, but it really is the best time to capture that sweet little new life. The first four to ten days are ideal–they still sleep so very deeply and they can still be curled up into that almost fetal position. They have the most angelic expressions when they sleep!

Portrait Photographer Saratoga
Always on the move. This is a great stage to capture in your baby’s development.

2. Six Months to Nine Months: This is when they are sitting up, beginning to crawl and really starting to show off their personalities–such a great age!

Saratoga Newborn Baby Photographer267

3. One Year: Standing, cruising, maybe taking some steps–what a change in one year! It is amazing to watch your child go from a tiny, helpless bundle to an independent, inquisitive toddler!

Saratoga Childrens Photographer, Child Portrait Photography Saratoga Springs NY

It is great to have a visual record of how much your child has changed, but it is even better when you can actually display and enjoy that record all the time.  Be sure to visit our Maternity and Newborn Photography Portfolio to see more of my adorable little clients.

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