April 13, 2013

Saratoga Springs Wedding Photographer//First Dance Magic

First Dance Moments

As a Wedding Photographer, I get invited to share some really intimate moments with my clients.

One of those moments is during their First Dance as Husband and Wife.  I usually take one or two traditional/looking at the camera type pictures of this event, then step back and let them enjoy the moment.  They–OK, the Bride–has been planning this moment for quite a long time, carefully selecting the music, deciding when or if others will join in, etc. so really, I find it best to step back and let things unfold naturally.  After the first few seconds, most couples tend to totally forget they are the center of attention–and that is when you can get some magical pictures.  These are sometimes my favorite moments of the day.

Longfellows Wedding Photographs
Here Amanda and Brendan are making their entrance from the balcony at Longfellows in Saratoga.
Saratoga Springs Wedding Photo
I love this image of Jess and Josh during their First Dance at the Glen Sanders Mansion.
Upstate NY Wedding Photographer
I like to use Black and White as well as color during the First Dance. I love the way Black and White tends to minimize the background and makes you focus on the Couple.
Saratoga Wedding Photos
When I design an album, I like to sometimes use a Black and White image for a background and pair it with some color images. This is Kim and John during their special dance at the Mohawk River Country Club.
Wedding Photos Saratoga Springs
In this page from Michelle and Seth’s wedding at the Mansion Inn, I wanted to include the introduction as well as the dancing. I like to combine long views with close ups for variety.
Wedding Dance Party Photos
This was so fun! Sometimes it is a free for all–and that is totally fine.

Part of the reason I think I enjoy photographing weddings so much is that even though the elements are similar, each couple is very different.  And I think that can especially be seen during the First Dance–each couple has a different way of relating to each other, and that is really evident in the way they dance together and in the music they choose.  Some people are more playful, some are more serious.  Some people have highly choreographed dances, some people just hang out and sway.  That is what is magical.

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