April 24, 2013

Saratoga Wedding and Portrait Photographer//Confessions of a Strobophobic

I have an awkward confession to make.  I used to be a. . . Strobophobic.

I had a fear of using off camera lighting on location.  I really don’t know why I felt this way–it was totally irrational.  I have used lights in my studio for years.  But I was plagued by doubts and fears.  To flash or not to flash?  Am I being too “flashy”. . . or not “flashy” enough?  At times I felt there should maybe be a 12 Step Program for this:)  I am now a recovering Strobophobic.

Anyway, as a professional Portrait Photographer, I decided last year that this silly fear was kind of ridiculous and kind of holding me back.  So I signed up for a class at MARS with Scott Robert Lim.  He helped me overcome my fear of off camera lighting on location.  He helped simplify it and made it fun.  This year I took a class with Stephanie and Peter Zettl at NEIPP to further explore my options and to work on some refinements.  Below are some things I have been working on both in and out of the classroom.

Saratoga Springs High School Senior Portraits
Using a Prophoto light off camera with an Octobank softbox. Loved this light:)
Old Hollywood Vintage
Off camera speed light. I wanted this to look like an Old Hollywood Portrait by George Hurrell.
Saratoga Ballet Photographer
I did this last February with off camera speedlight.
High School Senior Portraits Saratoga Springs
Multiple lights:)


 Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography


Saratoga High School Senior Portraits
Prophoto light with a beauty dish. I really, really love that light:)
Saratoga Springs Fashion Photography
Here my friend Ray Peeples is my lighting assistant, holding my trusty speedlight. What would I have done without him?:)
Wedding Photography Saratoga Springs
Did I mention how much I love George Hurrell?


I have to say that available light is still my favorite way to work, but I really love that now I have more options when it comes to my portrait photography on location.  Thank you to everyone who made it possible to start to overcome my strobophobia.  I still have a ways to go.

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