July 16, 2017

Say It Ain’t So | A Rainy Day Wedding and How to Deal

I meet with a lot of couples planning weddings.  One of my first questions to them when they say they are planning an outdoor wedding is, “What is your backup plan?”  Sometimes this is the first time they have thought about their wedding in the context of the weather.  So how do you plan for the chance that your event might become a Rainy Day Wedding?  Well, as a Wedding Photographer for a few years, I have some tips that might help you, so read on:

Lake George Destination Rainy Day Wedding
Summer is peak season for a Lake George Wedding. We can also see a lot of rain during the summer.  I actually really love that the pavement in this image is wet and shiny.

Acceptance:  While you can control some things about your wedding, one thing your really cannot control is the weather.  So stop checking the weather app on your phone every five minutes–it will not change anything.  If it is going to rain, it will rain.  Don’t let the weather make you lose sight of the bigger picture–you are marrying–hopefully–someone you love and want to spend the rest of your life with.

Wedding Photo Sagamore Resort
This is right before a huge thunderstorm rolled in over Lake George. No problem
Lake George Wedding Photos
First we went into the beautiful lobby at the Sagamore.
Sagamore Lake George Wedding Photo
Then we found this great covered porch at the Bayview where the reception was held. It was actually pouring behind them, but you really can’t tell.

Have a Backup Plan:  Always have a backup plan.  Always.  If you are planning an outdoor ceremony, make sure the venue has an area that is indoors or at least under cover in case it rains.  Same with an outdoor reception.  Some venues offer the option of having a tent available for an outdoor event–take it.  Having a backup plan lets you relax if it looks like the weather might be questionable.

Rainy Day Wedding Photos
On the way to the ceremony–how perfect are these umbrellas?

Accessories Can Be Practical:  Why not really embrace the fact that it might rain and purchase a beautiful umbrella and rain boots just in case?  And provide them for your attendants as well.

Same Sex Wedding Otesaga
Both Dayle and Jordan love the water, so photos on the dock at the Otesaga were a must. Good thing we did a First Look, because it rained a lot that day!

Plan on a First Look:  While I never force my clients to have a First Look, I do like them because it helps cut down on stress for my couples.  For a Rainy Day Wedding, you will at least then have several opportunities already built in to do wedding photos outdoors.

Rainy Day Wedding Photo Congress Park Saratoga
Luckily, the rocks at the park were dry when we got out to do these photos–otherwise the Groom would not have been able to sit down.

Bring Towels:  If you have towels on hand, it will give you the option of sitting on benches that are dry, etc.


Miami Destination Wedding Photo
Before this wedding photo in South Beach, Miami was taken, it had poured.  And doesn’t that cathedral length veil look fantastic blowing in the wind?

Relax and Smile:  If you relax and smile, your wedding photos will look great!  And after a rainstorm, we always get amazing skies!

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