August 12, 2020

Senior Portraits: Locations or Light?

Senior Portraits Locations–Where should I go?

Whenever we are planning a Senior Portrait Session with clients, the question of where we will be photographing inevitably comes up.  Many times, they want to know the “best” senior portraits locations.  While I do believe locations are an important consideration, my priority is always what the light will be like.   So while I always ask if my client likes a park or urban setting or if they have a special location in mind, the real issue for me is what time of day will we be photographing and how will I be using light.

I also like to provide something unique for every Senior Portrait client–so I try not to repeat myself if I find I am in the same spot.  This has been a challenge this year because some locations that were popular in the past are closed due to Covid.  It can be especially challenging with Senior Portraits because you can’t always work at your favorite time of the day in terms of lighting.

To illustrate the point, I will show two different sessions that were taken in roughly the same locations, just at different times of the day.

Hudson Falls Senior Portraits Locations
Just a field of wildflowers. It was not yet the Golden Hour, so we needed to modify the light just a tad.
Senior Portraits Hudson Falls
This is also a small field area–during the Golden Hour, so no real modification was necessary–just open shade with a small amount of back light.
Saratoga NY High School Seniors
We found an area with plantings of sunflowers–yay! Again, due to the time of day, we had to modify the light so we go pleasant lighting on the face.


Fort Edward Senior Portraits
This was pretty much a half hour before the sun set. Similar spot, it just looks totally different. y

I think we can agree that although these sessions were taken in roughly the same areas, they look completely different due to the quality of light.  I like both of them very much.

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