December 27, 2013

You Only Get One Chance to Make a First Impression | Ballet Audition Photos Saratoga

Saratoga Ballet Audition Photos

It is almost the start of the New Year! Time for resolutions, family, friends and. . . Auditioning for Summer Dance Intensive Programs! Now is the time to start thinking about doing your Ballet Audition Photos.

Saratoga Dance Ballet Photography
Relax and have fun. Most of all, bring a smile.

Most Summer Dance Intensive Programs require both headshots as well as more “dancy” photos. Some programs are even very specific about which poses they want to see. The headshot is for the panel to be able to place a face to the name and number when they are going over the results after the actual audition. The purpose of the posed shots is to see what type of placement, turn out, etc. the dancer has. Most really good programs can tell quite about about a dancer’s training (or lack of ) from these pictures. Make sure you choose a photographer experienced with dance audition photos to ensure you make a great first impression. Below are some quick tips and guidelines to help make your shoot go well: 1. Bring pointe shoes that fit properly, as well as ones that are comfortable and “broken in.” To make sure you have shoes that fit properly, make sure you have a fitting done at Saratoga Dance. Their experienced staff is proficient at finding the correct shoe for dancers from their extensive selection. Make sure your ribbons and elastics are properly sewn on.

Saratoga Dance Ballet Photography
Traditional black leotards and pink tights are a must.

2. A traditional black leotard and tights are best for these types of photos. If you wish to include something else, that is fine, but start out with the black leo/pink tights. Again, Saratoga Dance is a great local resource for your attire for these photos. And everyone likes to have some new things.

Saratoga Dance Ballet Photography
We can also include something with your costumes after the traditional shots are completed.

3. Hair and makeup: Hair should be pulled away from the face in a tight bun. Make sure you use gel and do not have any “wispies” poking out. Make up should be light and natural for the most part. We have some excellent makeup artists we can refer if you would like to have a professional application for your photos.

Saratoga Dance Ballet Photography
The makeup here is natural yet pretty flawless. Love her long eyelashes.

4. Take a few minutes  to stretch and warm up. You want to be able to showcase your line and extension to the fullest.

5. Lastly, relax and smile! You will look great!