September 19, 2014

Simply Smashing! | Liam’s Cake Smash Photos | Saratoga Photographer

A special little guy is turning One this week! Happy Birthday to Liam! I was so happy to be able to do his Cake Smash Photos.

Saratoga Cake Smash Photos
Liam is turning One! Yay! This was a cute Cake Smash Photo Session!

Liam is getting so big and handsome! There is just something so cute about this age. Babies are developing more of a personality every day. At one year old, they have definite likes and dislikes.

Liam showed up for his session after a nap and a snack. He was all rested and ready to go. He was not too sure about the way the frosting felt on his fingers, but he sure did like the way it tasted. I personally like a smaller, almost cupcake type of cake for these sessions. It is a little more manageable that way. I also prefer a white or vanilla cake–it just photographs a lot nicer than, say, chocolate–for obvious reasons. Do remember when planning a session like this that some colored frosting can dye the baby’s hands and mouth. So make sure you get some photos before you introduce the cake element:) I was actually pretty impressed that Liam left the little hat on the entire time we were doing the Cake Smash. He did not seem to mind it at all. The amazingly detailed and beautiful cupcake was made by his doting grandma. His mom found the cute diaper cover, suspenders, tie and personalized hat on Etsy.

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Susan Blackburn is a Professional Portrait Photographer located in Saratoga Springs, NY. She loves to document the First Year of a baby’s life in photos.