February 12, 2016

Sometimes You Don’t Want to Make Doughnuts | Saratoga Photographer

Photographer Susan Blackburn
An image from the other day.

I love being a Wedding Photographer and Portrait Artist.  But I have a small confession to make.  Sometimes I need to do other things.  Like I don’t want to be the guy in the Dunkin Donuts commercial–“It’s time to make the doughnuts.”  Because no matter how much I love my job, sometimes I don’t want to make doughnuts.  Maybe some days I want to make creme brulee.  That is why I create personal projects for myself.  It keeps me learning new things and makes me excited.  And I think that helps me bring something to my Wedding and Portrait Photography.

Fine art fall landscape

This particular project came about last winter.  I happened to make some photos in my yard of just foliage, etc.  And then I thought it might be kind of cool to periodically go shoot things around the yard using only my 100 mm macro lens at f4.  The f4 was just randomly chosen, I don’t know why.  But it made me think very precisely about what I was photographing and why.  So here are just a few from the project.

Saratoga Fine Art Photography
I liked the vibrant color and the slick texture of the wet leaves.
Frost Fine Art Photos
This was from the first frost this year.
Fine Art Photos Saratoga
This is one of my favorites of the giant sunflowers I grew this summer. They ended up being over 8 feet tall.

I don’t really know what, if anything, I am going to do with these.  I think I already got a lot out of this project just by doing it.  By virtue of the fact that I was not making doughnuts.

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