February 1, 2016

Insta Huh? | My Thoughts on Instagram | Saratoga Photographer


Wedding Photographer Saratoga
So just in case you missed it on Facebook. . .

Hell might have frozen over, because I am now on Instagram.  I resisted this for a really, really long time.  But having been convinced by People in the Know that this was a necessity for my business, I created an Instagram account.  So I post pictures on it everyday–if you are interested, please go take a look.

But as you might already know, I have a love/hate relationship with Social Media in general.  I will admit that I do like scrolling through everyone’s pictures.  That is kind of cool.  But in a way, I find it just a little creepy and voyeueristic.  At least with Facebook, you call people your “Friends”–although I might argue that point.  And at least on Facebook, there can be more of an active dialogue.  On Instagram, it is more like a Drive By.  You might leave a comment that you like a picture or use a little heart emoji, whatever, but it is kind of like waving “Hi” from your car.  You quickly scroll to the next image.   On Instagram, you have “Followers.”  That kind of strikes me as stalker/serial-killer-esque.  Like that creepy TV show “The Following.”  And some people post some content that is, shall we say, a tad bit disturbing.  The whole “@” and “#” thing seems silly to me.  Almost like whoever started it was trying a little too hard to be cute.  But it unfortunately stuck.  #firstworldprobs

I also think anything with “Insta” in it’s name implies a certain immediate gratification need that is a little bit unhealthy.  Indicative of society today, to be sure.  Swipe left, next.

By far the thing I dislike most about Social Media is that for the most part it is a virtual, one dimensional representation of people.  I am the first person to admit that I do not post too much of anything of a personal nature on Social Media.  You won’t find pictures of me in the ER hooked up to an IV, and I don’t post about my family/relationships on any deep level.  Because your private life should not be available for public consumption.  But looking at Facebook and Instagram makes me wonder how much effort people are putting into maintaining the perfect lifestyle image instead of just living their lives.  Seriously, go meet up with your friends and have fun.  You don’t need to take a picture every five minutes and post it on Social Media for it to be a valid and fun experience.  Who the frig cares if anyone out there “likes” what you are doing?  Do you like it?  That should be all that matters.

I think we live in a time where there is very little real connection and interaction.  People want to get this connection from Social Media because it is easier (think “Insta”) and maybe safer than actually getting to know someone.  Because getting to know someone in a deep personal way can be messy and scary.  People aren’t one dimensional and perfect.  And you might get rejected.  Much easier to”Like” a post or use a quick emoji.

I am not really anti-Social Media.  It serves a purpose.  If you want to go “Like” my photography, that is cool.  If you don’t, I am ok with that too.  But if you want to get to know me–as in really know me–we need to have a real conversation.  Face to face.  Like people used to do.

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