June 19, 2017

What Should I Wear? | Guys Senior Portrait Style Guide

The High School Senior Portrait Season is upon us–my favorite time of year.  Every year I get to photograph lots of great high school kids.  Guys Senior Portraits are fun.  One of the first questions I get asked is “What should I wear?”  The guys are especially anxious about this topic.  Don’t worry–we have you covered.  Yves Saint Laurent said, “Fashions change, style is eternal.”  My major goal in creating Senior Portraits is for you to look back on them in 20 years and think you look really great.  What I don’t want you to think is “What the heck was I thinking when I chose that outfit?”  Read on for a few tips on wardrobe selection for your high school senior portraits.

  1.  I advise all my Senior Portrait clients to bring at least one slightly formal look that is clean, classic and will stand the test of time. This will not only give you a great option for the yearbook, but can also set you apart from other applicants if you need to send in a photo with your college application.  In most cases, just bringing a sport coat to wear with a button down shirt and a pair of pants will give you two completely different looks.
Saratoga Guys Senior Portrait Style
A slightly formal look with a sport coat and tie with khaki pants is really nice.

And voila–taking away the jacket and tie gives us an entirely different look:

Senior Pictures SPAC
Dan is wearing the same shirt and pants here–just minus the jacket and tie. Looks completely different–and fabulous!

2.  Make sure your clothing is clean and ironed.  Nothing is worse to photograph than dirty, stained wrinkled clothes.  It is a pain to Photoshop to perfection–and you will be charged accordingly.  LOL.

3.  Bring all the appropriate accessories.  We try to include at least a couple full length portraits, so shoes should match the outfit.  Bring a belt that matches your outfit.  These little details complete the overall look.

Saratoga Lake Senior Boy Photo
The crisp white shorts with the light pink button down look great in this location. Note the appropriate footwear and the belt.

4.  Bring clothing that expresses your personality, but does not detract from you.  I don’t mind some outrageous items, but they can detract from your face, which is the entire point of a portrait.

Senior Portraits Rensselaer
An effortless combination–the brown corduroy sport coat looked fabulous with the white T Shirt and khakis.

Again, we took away the jacket, changed location and we got an entirely different look.

High School Senior Photo Saratoga Springs
Same outfit without the jacket. The sunglasses are a great accessory.

5.  Bring a variety of items so we can give you a wide selection of images to choose from.

Senior Portraits Saratoga Springs NY
Dominic had several outfit choices.  This gave him several options to choose from for both the yearbook and gifts for his family.

6.  Grooming–if you are getting a haircut for your portrait session, do so a week prior to give it a chance to “grow in” a little bit.  You will look more like yourself.  Nails should be clean and neat because we sometimes show hands.

High School Senior PIcture SPAC
It sounds a little corny but it is true–a smile is your best accessory.

Finally, relax and have fun.  We have been photographing high school senior for a while.  If you are still not sure what to bring for your senior portraits, you can bring lots of stuff.  We will help you choose a few outfits when you get here.

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