November 20, 2013

Special Delivery! | Saratoga Baby Photos

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of doing a newborn baby photo session–it was very special because I had photographed the mom and dad’s wedding a few years before. I love it when my brides trust me with their precious little ones. When I found out that Libby would be visiting her grandmother I was really excited to meet her. Little Libby was only a few weeks old, but she was adorable! She was very alert and very, very smiley. It was a bonus that we had some very cool accessories to play with during the photo session.

We started out with an lace ecru dress against a beautiful quilt made by Libby’s grandmother, who is a master quilter. The colors were so complimentary to her skin tones and the dress she was wearing. I also liked the textures of the dress and the quilt.

Lake George Newborn Photographer 01
So alert and serious.
Lake George Newborn Photography
From serious to hysterical. That is what I love most about working with babies.
Saratoga Newborn Photo 07
I like to use black and white when photographing infants. It is so timeless and classic.
Saratoga Newborn Photo 08
Getting a little sleepy.
Saratoga Newborn Photo 06
We were so lucky to have Libby’s great-grandmother for a few photos.
Saratoga Newborn Photo 05
Love how delicate her little fingers look.
Saratoga Newborn Photo 02
Costume change–the hat was adorable.
Saratoga Newborn Photo 04
The flower on the headband is almost bigger than she is. I love making pictures of moms with their babies.
Saratoga Newborn Photo 01
Sleeping babies are so sweet.

Hope you enjoyed these newborn baby photos. If you would like to see more newborns, please check out our Baby Photography Gallery. Interested in becoming a client, please fill out a contact form or call (518) 584-4237.

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