March 14, 2012

Why Have a Corporate Headshot Done?

Most people hate having their picture taken. I know this to be true-I am a photographer, so I hear it all the time.

So why should you have your picture taken for your business? Briefly, people love to be able to put a face with a name. It makes them feel more comfortable. It makes them feel like they know you better. I recently had the opportunity to create this headshot for my friend Lyn Freestone. She is now selling and listing real estate with Prudential Manor Homes. Lyn hates having her picture taken. We briefly discussed what we wanted to convey with the image–warm, friendly, trustworthy, someone you would want to do business with. Someone you would like to trust with one of your largest investments. I think we captured that. And that is why you should get a corporate headshot done–it helps your clients visualize the person they want to do business with.

Maybe one day I will have mine done as well. Only I hate having my picture taken.

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