March 8, 2012

Embracing My Inner Nerd

I am a photo nerd–yes, it is true. I was having lunch yesterday with two photographer friends, and we were laughing about this. Wedding photographers can never be rock stars–we are nerds. Only nerds spend their weekends at other peoples’ weddings–and really, really love it. Only nerds get excited about the lighting pattern on somebody’s face. Only nerds understand the inverse ratio of light drop off. Let’s face it, when I am at a wedding doing my job, I am spending all day looking for perfect little pockets of light to put my subjects in–and I get really excited when I find them. For me, it is much less look for it. That is why I will never be a rock star–I am too obsessed with light. I have embraced my inner nerd. But I think that is way cooler than being a rock star any day.

Giovanni D'Abbiero

For me, the nerds are the rock stars. I am a nerd too. Or am I a geek? Truly talented photographers are much more than sharpshooters with lenses. In this age of Photoshop, most modern day photographers have no idea of the skills required to turn a negative into an outstanding print in the darkroom. Would they be able to risk their reputation on an image that they could not review on the spot to make exposure corrections? I love nerds. Particularly those who don’t think a darkroom is just a room without a light. Love your work Susan!

Geeks, nerds–people who love what they do and do not care what other people think. If more people just did what they love without worrying about the opinions of other people, the world would be a much happier place.