August 30, 2013

It is the Little Things That Count | Wedding Photography Saratoga Springs


Wedding Photography Saratoga Springs NY
I love the rainbow of colors that was used here:)

This is a very short blog post today.

Wedding Photography in the Saratoga Springs area is always fun and interesting. I especially like it when there are small children involved–they are so cute and fun. I was editing some pictures from a recent wedding I photographed at Birch Hill and stumbled upon this image. The bride and groom had many children attending the wedding reception and had provided a little bag for each child filled with crayons, etc. At the tables where the children were sitting, they had papers for the children to color with. I really liked that the bride and groom took the time and effort to make the little guests feel as comfortable as the big guests (and I am thinking the parents appreciated it as well). I love it when I photograph a wedding where the bride and groom spend time thinking about the guests as well as themselves. It is so important and is so kind.

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