August 15, 2019

Ask Me Anything | Saratoga NY Photographer

A while back, we did a post where people could ask me questions and I would answer.  That was actually a pretty popular post, and people keep sending me questions.  So here we go with Round Two:

You said you read a lot.  What do you read?  Pretty eclectic.  I like reading biographies, classic literature with some junky, salacious stuff thrown in sometimes, books on recipes/Bon Appetit Magazine, and books on Marketing.

What have you learned by having your own business?  Lots!  But my one big take away is that the client may not always be “right,” but you need to respect their opinions and ideas because they are paying you to do the work.  When I was younger and a client would ask me to do something I did not think would look good or work, I used to just flat out refuse to do it.  Now I will do my best to make their idea work–and sometimes it is surprisingly good!  Then I just shoot it how I want to shoot it.  Everyone is happy.

What do you do on your days off?  I don’t generally take days off.  I try to, but I usually end up working anyway.

What will you serve at the Dead or Alive Dinner Party?  Ahhh–that depends on the season.  It is summer now, so we would start with a beautiful charcuterie board, ripe cherries, and Sangria.  Then we would have a cold seafood dish and very fresh vegetables–probably green beans sauteed in butter with garlic and finished with a little lemon juice.  A dry Reisling.  Dessert would be Key Lime Pie.  And maybe some sorbet.

What is your least favorite thing to do?  Weeding the garden.  Seriously.

What is your workflow like?  I don’t generally mess too much with my images.  I tend to not like filters or trendy things.  I download, back up, cull through for my favorites, color correct.  Final images get retouched–I can’t stand unretouched or overly retouched images.  And that is pretty much it.

Keep the questions coming and every so often I will answer them.

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