April 19, 2016

Baby Love | Maternity and Newborn Photography

Baby Love–I love creating Maternity and Newborn Photography for my clients.

Maternity and Newborn Photography holds a special place in my heart.  Creating images like these makes my heart sing. Because I am a Mom, I know how fast those precious baby days fly by. That is why I love to capture some really special images for women like this. I think it is so important to have some really beautiful images of this very special time in a woman’s life. I recently photographed a lovely new mama and her son.

Saratoga Newborn Photography
I love creating images like this one. I love the softness of the fabrics and the flowers. And he is just so sweet.

For this particular shoot, I had my friend Samantha Nass make a floral wreath for a headpiece. It really made the look for the shoot come together. For this shoot, I wanted the colors and textures to be soft and creamy to compliment the skin tones.

Maternity and Newborn Photography Saratoga
That hair cracks me up. I toned this a little warmer in post processing.

I like capturing the bond between a new mother and her baby. How special for a child to see how much his mother loved him right from the start. I love to capture sleeping babies, but it is nice to get some pictures of them awake as well. This freaks some photographers out as it can be a little more difficult to get a good image, but I think it is especially nice when they are old enough to be able to actually focus their eyes and track movement.

Pregnancy and Newborn Photos Saratoga NY
Here he has his eyes open–adorable.
Saratoga Photographer Newborn and Maternity
Back to sleep. I added some additional texture to soften the wicker on the bassinet.
Newborn and Maternity Photography Saratoga Springs
The way he has his hand here is just precious.

I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to create art for my clients like this. Did you enjoy this Maternity/Newborn Blog? You might also like this post about Preparing for a Maternity Photo Session. Are you interested in having your Maternity or Newborn Portraits created? Please call (518) 584-4237 to schedule a consultation today. I would love to photograph you.