May 26, 2014

Before You Were Born I Loved You | Saratoga Maternity and Newborn Photographer

Before You Were Born I Loved You

There is a quote by Maureen Mansfield, “Before you were conceived, I wanted you; Before you were born, I loved you; Before you were here an hour, I would die for you; This is the miracle of love.”  I think this kind of sums up why I love to do Maternity and Newborn Photography.  When I photograph pregnant mamas and newborn babies, I can totally see and feel this bond between them.  It is very rewarding for me because I remember feeling (and still do feel) that for my three children.  Below are some photographs I made for Kristen and Brad for their Maternity and Newborn Sessions.  I love the bond between them and their baby Bryce.  Plus, they were just amazing to photograph:)

Timeless Black and White Maternity Photos:

Saratoga Maternity and Newborn Photographer
Kristen and Brad knew they would be having a little boy, so they brought these adorable little shoes.

Saratoga NY Maternity Photographer010

I love the look and feel of classic black and white for Maternity Portraits.  I think this is because when I began photography, I learned with black and white film first.

Contemporary Posing and Styling for Pregnancy Photos:

I also like doing something Contemporary with an almost Vanity Fair look for my clients.

Saratoga NY Maternity Photographer011
I love how modern and clean this looks.
Saratoga NY Maternity Photographer012
It was a crystal clear day in Winter, so we got to go outside.

Welcome to the World, Bryce:

We started with some black and white to complement the Maternity Photo Session.

Saratoga NY Newborn Photographer
Bryce arrived a little over a month later. He is perfect with lots of blonde hair and rolls in the right places.

I just love documenting the first days home of a family with a Newborn.  The time goes by so quickly, so it is important to capture this special time.

Color Mother and Newborn Baby Photo Saratoga Springs NY
The coral colors and tones in the Mother Baby photo are so soft and pretty. Kristen is not a nervous first time mom at all–she is so comfortable with all things baby:)
Black and White Father and Baby Photo Saratoga
I love how much Brad loves his baby.
Saratoga NY Black and White Newborn Photos
I love how deeply babies sleep when they are just born.

Thank you to Brad and Kristen for sharing your precious little one with me.  He is adorable and I loved getting to spend time with him.

Thank you also to the ever Fabulous Alayne Curtiss of Make Me Fabulous for the styling for the Maternity Session.

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