May 14, 2014

Saratoga Wedding Vendor Spotlight | Florist Gretchen Squires of Schrade’s Posie Peddler | Photographer Saratoga NY

Photographer Saratoga NY
Gretchen hard at work at the Posie Peddler in Saratoga Springs.

One of the best things about my job as a Wedding and Portrait Photographer in Saratoga, NY is that I have the opportunity to meet some really talented and interesting people.  The wedding industry in Saratoga has some amazing professionals who always go above and beyond helping their clients create the event of their dreams.  One of these talented people is Gretchen Squires of the Posie Peddler in Saratoga.

Saratoga NY Photographer006
The porch at the Posie Peddler features hanging baskets of ferns and geraniums right now.
Saratoga NY Photographer005
I love driving by this building. It is an old school house with lots of character. And the plantings are always nice to look at.
Saratoga NY Photographer008
There is a garden out back. You will find lots of beautiful containers of plants to purchase, as well as garden ornaments.
Saratoga NY Photographer007
You can purchase annuals or perennials.

 Gretchen grew up in Saratoga Springs in a family that has always been involved with the floral business in one way or the other.  Her great grandfather and grandfather both owned and operated Schrade’s Florist on Broadway in town.  Her parents owned the greenhouses that are now Sunnyside Gardens, so Gretchen is a fourth generation florist.    Her dad helped her get started with her business on Broadway in 1976.  Her original shop was located on Broadway across the street from her grandfather’s florist shop, Schrade’s.  Eventually, Gretchen merged both businesses.  Before purchasing her current location in the school house on West Avenue, she was located in Congress Plaza.  In addition to providing services for weddings and other events, Gretchen is a full service florist.  Her cooler always has beautiful fresh flowers if you just want to pick up an arrangement, and she carries many gift items as well.

Saratoga NY Photographer017
The counter is always really busy.
Saratoga NY Photographer002
The blackboards scattered throughout the shop are reminiscent of the school that used to be here.
Saratoga NY Photographer004
Aren’t these lovely?

Saratoga NY Photographer010

Saratoga NY Photographer003
The view from just outside the large cooler.

One of the things that Gretchen likes about her profession is that she gets to learn and do different things every day.  We both agree that the Wedding Industry in particular is changing all the time.  Brides have exposure to a wider variety of ideas and trends due to social media, especially Pinterest.  Some trends Gretchen sees going forward for weddings are:  the use of succulent plants in arrangements, looser bouquets instead of tightly packed ones, and a more updated cascade style that is very elegant.  The rustic chic trend is continuing and the color coral is going to be popular this year.  What most people do not realize is that while going to a larger store like Price Chopper for your event flowers might seem like a great deal, the quality that Gretchen offers is really outstanding.  She is also able to work within most budgets if brides are willing to be a little flexible with their choices in flowers.  There are many ways to achieve a style or look using different flowers.  Working with what is in season is also a great way to stay within your budget.

Saratoga NY Photographer011
Inside the cooler.

Saratoga NY Photographer012

Saratoga NY Photographer013
Just some of the beautiful things you can purchase at the Posie Peddler.
Saratoga NY Photographer014
Another view of the cooler.

Saratoga NY Photographer016

Saratoga NY Photographer015
Some of the interesting displays around the shop

So if you are looking for a florist for your wedding/event, or just need to pick some flowers up, stop by the Posie Peddler in Saratoga.  You will definitely find something unique and beautiful.

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