March 28, 2017

Unveiled: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Veil

When most people envision a bride, they do not only see a dress.

They often see a wedding veil as the bride’s headpiece.  Did you know that most brides wear a veil–65% in fact?  A veil is the quintessential wedding accessory.  Choosing the perfect wedding veil is very important to many brides.  But there are so many options to choose from.  Below are some tips to help make the selection a little bit easier.

Bridal Photography Saratoga
One of the first stops an newly engaged woman makes is to the bridal shop. This is Lily Saratoga, a beautiful bridal boutique in town.

Hairstyle:  Before you fall in love with a headpiece, think first about how you want to wear your hair.  Certain styles of veils look better with certain hairstyles.  For example, a birdcage veil will look fabulous with a more retro look.  A cathedral veil works well with a longer, looser style.  A tiara almost demands an updo.  If your look is more Bohemian, you might skip a veil altogether.  Your hairdo will also affect where you pin the veil in and how it is secured.  After you have chosen your veil, make sure to bring it along with you when you have your hair and makeup trial done at the salon–you hairdresser will definitely want to practice with it.

Perfect Wedding Veil Windham Bride
This stunning cathedral length veil was perfect with Katee’s loose hairdo.  She purchased her gown and veil at Something Bleu.

Length:  When deciding on a veil, length can be an important factor.  You do not want the veil to break up the silhouette of your wedding gown.  Often times, dress designers also design a veil to go with the dress.  You can use that as a starting point to see what the ideal proportion would be.  Veils can be short as in bandeau, birdcage or blusher length.  These can be really fun, informal or retro.  If you are looking for something longer or more traditional, you can choose ballet, chapel or cathedral length.  If you do not see something you love in the boutique, you can usually have something custom made.

Wedding Photos Grand Pavilion Hotel
Peggy’s birdcage veil was retro and fun. It really complimented her look.

Balance and Proportion:  You want your veil to accentuate your overall look, not detract from it.  You never want the veil to overpower you.  This means paying careful attention to the amount of detail on the veil.  For example, if your wedding dress has a lot of beading and/or lace, you want to make sure the veil is not too “busy.”  Conversely, if you happen to choose a dress that is fairly simple, you could go with a more embellished veil.  Also keep in mind the back of your dress.  If you chose a dress that is really exceptional in the back, you will not want to cover it up too much.

Wedding dress detail photos
Texture can look great on a wedding veil.

Accessories:  Don’t forget about accessories when choosing the perfect wedding veil.  Tiaras and headbands can be very dramatic.  Combs can also look quite nice.  A new trend that I like is “hair jewelry”–think a necklace for your hair.  Keep in mind that you want all of these items to work well with the veil.  You do not want them competing with each other for attention.  And you certainly don’t want them to take away from–YOU.  You want people to remember how great you look–not some random detail of the outfit.

Upstate NY Mountain Wedding Photo
Katee also had a lovely jewelry piece in her hair under her veil.
Saratoga Springs NY Wedding Photographers
Just a few of the great bridal accessories that you can find at Lily Saratoga.

Now that you have all the information for choosing the perfect wedding veil, go out and get that veil!

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