March 31, 2017

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My little detour

Sometimes in life you get a little sidetracked, in a good way.  I recently took a little detour that was quite pleasant and satisfying, so I am going to share that today.  Because it is not always about the photography, you know.  LOL.

Some people may know some years ago, in another time and place, I used to work in New York City in the garment industry.  I designed sweaters.  I loved the actual designing of the sweaters.  I loved the travel aspect of the job.  I got to go to some really cool places.  The garment industry–meh.  It was kind of soul sucking in a really negative, draining way.  After two years, I happily moved on to other things.  I worked in commercial real estate for a while, got married and had three kids.  I moved Upstate and started doing wedding and portrait photography.

Anyway, I had not really knitted anything in a long, long time other than some scarves for my kids.  I really had no desire or need to do it.  This is surprising because knitting had been a pretty big part of my life at one time.

Then one day I was out–and I saw this yarn.  It called to me.  It was like it was asking me to take it home and make something with it.  Honest to God, for real.  I almost left the store without it.  Then went back and bought it.  I am so glad I did.

When I got home, I pulled out one of my favorite sweaters to measure for fit.  I knitted a gauge swatch.  I cast on.  And I just knitted.  And knitted.  Nothing fancy or complicated.  No intricate stitches, no crazy patterns, nothing too fitted.  Just a basic sweater.  And it felt really good.  It was like I had never stopped knitting.  There is something very meditative about knitting.  Truth be told, I did not realize I had missed that.  When you knit, you can be alone with your thoughts in a really great way.  Knitting can be very calming due to the repetitive nature of the action.  It forces you to be a little still, which is a great thing.

Now, will I be going back to designing sweaters?  Not any time soon–I still hate the garment industry.  But I really did enjoy creating this sweater.  I will certainly be wearing it.  Maybe I will make a few more things and see what transpires.

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