July 13, 2012

Crazy, Stupid Hot

So it was one of those really hot days–and I do mean HOT.  Crazy, stupid hot.  I think it was 97 degrees in the shade and humid.   Part of me did not really want to go out and photograph a portrait session.  I wanted to float in the pool and not do much of anything.  I spent about two long minutes whining to myself about it.  But I also did not want to cancel and risk a rain out on another day, so I pulled on my big girl pants to go to work.  Well, I went and met these two really cute kids Sophie and Gabby.  Amazing how hot weather does not seem to really get to little kids.  They were just running around and being cute.   They were not only not complaining about the heat, they were enjoying it.  And I kind of remember being like that when I was a kid–you don’t spend too much time obsessing about things you really have no control over, you just get on with being a kid.  Then a funny thing happened–I stopped feeling the heat.  I just got involved in playing with them and photographing them, and forgot about everything else.  Listen to your kids–you can learn a lot.