October 19, 2021

Do Wedding Albums Matter Anymore? | Saratoga Wedding Photographers

Times Change.

No where is that change more apparent to me than in Wedding Photography.  From the style of Wedding Photography, to the amount of time covering the event, to the number of wedding photos we provide, things sure have changed.  So the question is:  Do Wedding Albums Matter Anymore?  No doubt, today’s couples want digital files and access to their wedding photos on their mobile devices.  But honestly–

Wedding Albums Are Still Important.

Do Wedding Albums Matter

First off–we are not talking about your Mom’s Wedding Album.  Long gone are the days of 4×6, 5×7 and 8×10 prints stuck in old fashioned mattes with gold edging and slipped into a book.  Today’s albums are beautifully designed and crafted to look like a magazine or coffee table book.

State Room Albany NY Wedding Photographers
Wedding Detail photos are a great way to set the scene in an album, but will often not be printed individually.
Wedding Albums Saratoga NY
A Wedding Album can incorporate detail shots to give context to photos and tell a story.

Remember the Day:

A custom designed Wedding Album will help you relive the story of your day more vividly.  It has often been said that a picture tells a thousand stories.  Your Wedding Photos will be telling your family one of the best stories–so a Wedding Album is super important.  Everything from the major players, the events of the day, and even the smallest details are included in Wedding Albums today.

Saratoga NY Mansion Wedding Album
A carefully curated collection of images will beautifully tell your story in a custom Wedding Album.

Conveniently Located:

Without an album, where will your Wedding Photos reside–on your hard drive and phone?  Perhaps you will print a few larger wall art pieces.  However, you probably will not blow up a photo of your Dad crying when he sees you for the first time.  Having a book made with your images will allow easy access to all the photos you love the most in one spot, telling the story of your special day.

Wedding Albums Saratoga Photographers
A Wedding Album is truly a family heirloom.

Family Heirlooms:

The super power of Wedding Photography is that it can create a connection to future generations.  I personally have wedding photos of my Grandparents that are absolute treasures.  I wish I had an album with images from their entire wedding day, but they don’t exist.  The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way for your grandkids.

Here is a short video on why I think Wedding Albums are important:

So, Do Wedding Albums Matter Anymore?  I certainly think so.  What about you?

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Susan Blackburn is a Saratoga NY based Wedding Photographer who specializes in creating custom Wedding Albums.