A common question I get from clients is “What photos should we put in our wedding album?”  Many of my wedding photography clients seem to get paralyzed when they need to make a decision on what to include in their album.

Gone are the days when a wedding album mainly featured family formal photos.  I look at wedding albums now as more of a vehicle for telling a story of your wedding day.  So what are we looking for when designing an album?  Here are some categories you want to include:

Details:  During the course of planning your wedding, you have spent a lot of time making decisions about what details to include for the day.  When we are photographing a wedding, we make sure to document those details.  So please include at least a few images of the wedding detail photos.

Wedding Photo Sagamore Resort Lake George

The back of the dress is beautiful.

Summer Wedding Photo Sagamore Resort

The bride’s bouquet.

Saratoga Springs Annes Washington Inn Wedding Photo

This lovely bouquet by The Posie Peddler included the Bride’s Mother’s rosary.

Upstate NY Mansion Wedding Photo

This detail photo also imparts mood and is a great scene setter.

Wedding Photos Batchellar Mansion Saratoga

Beautiful shoes and other accessories are nice to include. The shoes are Bella Belle from Something Bleu in Saratoga Springs.

Saratoga Wedding Mansion Photo

The Dress!

Mansion Wedding Reception Photo

Reception Decor is always a great details shot.

Wedding Cake Photo Mansion Saratoga NY

The cake is sometimes a work of art.

Getting Ready shots:  You don’t need to include a whole bunch, but a page or two dedicated to the getting ready portion of the day helps build the story.

Ft William Henry Resort Wedding Photos

Getting ready photos are always fun. I feel like it sets the tone for the entire day.

Lake George NY Wedding Photos

Getting ready shots can tell the story more completely.

Adirondack Groom Wedding Photo

Don’t forget the Groom getting ready!

Destination Wedding Photo CT

It is always fun when the bride gives the bridesmaids matching robes or pjs–great fun photo!

Individual Portraits of the Bride and Groom:  You look amazing, so make sure you include at least a few individual portraits!  A selection of full length, as well as tight closeups is ideal.

Queensbury Hotel Wedding Photo

Formal Portraits are classic and never go out of style.

Glens Falls Wedding Photo

Again, don’t forget the Groom!

Wedding Photos Saratoga Springs NY

A close up beauty shot is always nice.

Fall Wedding Photos Upstate NY

I like this because it is whimsical.

Saratoga NY Adelphi Hotel Wedding Photo

Candid Ceremony Moments:  Images in a photojournalistic style capture the moment and tell the story.  Personally, I feel like the ceremony is the most important part of the day, so you should have more than one page dedicated to this.

Saratoga Springs NY Wedding Photo

Intimate Close shots like this are important.

Saratoga Springs NY Thirsty Owl Wedding Photo

An overall Ceremony Shot–Fabulous view from a window overlooking the ceremony.

First Kiss Wedding Ceremony Photo Saratoga

Definitely include The Kiss!

Wedding Ceremony Adelphi Hotel Saratoga NY

Love capturing an expression like this!

Family Groups:  A few family formals are fine to include, just don’t get crazy.  I feel like family formals can be displayed around your home as small prints, but a few in the wedding album is perfect.

Wedding Family Portrait Photos Albany NY

Family Photos are really important on a wedding day!

Fall Upstate NY Wedding Photos

Loved this bridal party shot–so fun!

Destination Wedding Photos Utah

Summer Wedding Flower Girl Saratoga Springs NY

When the Flower Girl is this cute, she needs to make the cut for the album.

Saratoga Wedding Adelphi Hotel Photo

Let’s not forget the Ring Bearer.

Bride and Groom Together:  Make sure you dedicate a few pages to portraits of the two of you together in the album.

Mountain Destination Wedding Photo Park City

I always want to create an iconic wedding image of the Bride and Groom that captures the surrounds and can used both in the album and as a wall portrait.

Saratoga Summer Wedding Mansion

Elegant Elopement Wedding Photos Congress Park

Candid can be just as nice as formal.

Summer Wedding at Fort William Henry Lake George

I like to sometimes use the reception area before the guests arrive for a few formal images of the Bride and Groom.  This ballroom is at The Fort William Henry in Lake George, NY.

Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Saratoga Springs NY Wedding Venues

Saratoga Springs NY Wedding Photos

I love the intimacy of this candid black and white wedding photo.

Reception Photos:  The Reception is important to put in your album:

CT Destination Wedding Photos

Great Expressions!

Wedding Album Photos

Introductions and the First Dance are important Wedding album photos.

Automobile Museum Saratoga Wedding Photo

The Toasts….

Automobile Museum Cake Cutting Photo

Cake Cutting….

Saratoga Mansion Wedding Reception Candids

Of course include dance photos!

Wedding Album Photos

Make sure you end your album with a great photo of the two of you!

Downtown Saratoga Springs NY Wedding Photo

Love this because it is right across the street from where this couple first met.

Rustic Barn Venue Saratoga NY Fall Wedding Photo

One of my favorite night shots.

One final tip for choosing your wedding album images:  After you make the initial choice, walk away for a day and come back and look at them.  Do you feel any important moments are missing?  Or do you feel you have too many of the same type of image?  Do you have a selection that tells the story of the day?  One of the services I provide to all my clients is designing the layout of the wedding album–I notice that they often either forget something important or they have too many images depicting one particular thing.

Now that you know what images to choose, don’t put off this task any longer!

Here is a sample wedding photo album from a wedding we recently photographed in Saratoga Springs NY. The Bride got ready at the historic Adelphi Hotel and the ceremony and reception took place at the National Museum of Dance. Enjoy!

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